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last updated 23 May 2018

The media sector is one of two important sectors that the IMDA promotes and regulates. Drawing on talents and professionals with various skill sets, the media sector is made up of a number of diverse sub-sectors that each offer unique opportunities in Singapore.

IMDA aims to create a vibrant media cluster in Singapore, enabling the production of globally competitive content in the sectors of animation, broadcast, film, games, interactive media and publishing.

In the past five years, Singapore's media scene has seen rapid development. From world-regarded films to cutting-edge 3D games that have wowed the world, media companies in the country have produced some of the most interesting new content around.

Local companies have licensed their content overseas or worked with overseas partners to develop original content. Meanwhile, big international names have also settled in Singapore, bringing in globally-renowned expertise to the country.


  • Advertising

    Local advertising agencies have made great strides, competing for prestigious brand campaigns and awards at premier award showcases.Read more
  • Animation

    Singapore has made headway in the production and delivery of animation content in the past few years, with homegrown animation companies being well-regarded for their technical skills and creative abilities in developing original productions. Read more
  • Broadcast

    Over the years, Singapore-made TV content have gained recognition, winning international awards and entertaining audiences from some 70 countries around the world.Read more
  • Film

    Singapore is proving to be a fertile ground for developing exportable media content. Its rich cultural backdrop acts as a kaleidoscope of inspiration, fuelling creative output with international appeal.Read more
  • Games

    Singapore’s games sector comprises over 60 game development, publishing and services companies, and is one of the fastest growing media sector. Companies looking for a regional media hub capable of creating, publishing and distributing cutting edge games content will find in Singapore a skilled workforce, IT infrastructure and strong intellectual property rights protection regime.Read more
  • Interactive Digital Media

    ​Singapore is tapping into the tremendous potential of Interactive Digital Media (IDM) to enhance its competitive edge. Through the multi-agency IDM Programme Office hosted by IMDA, Singapore is seeing an emergence of a vibrant IDM ecosystem, with startups and International Research Centres forming the core of R&D. Read more
  • Publishing

    ​Singapore’s publishing sector consists of over 650 establishments, producing a wide range of publications including books, journals, directories and databases, business media, magazines and newspapers. Many top international publishers including John Wiley & Sons (Asia) and McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) have chosen to establish offices here. Read more