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last updated 24 May 2018

Singapore has made headway in the production and delivery of animation content in the past few years, with homegrown animation companies being well-regarded for their technical skills and creative abilities in developing original productions.

Alongside local animation companies, some of the world’s best animation and visual effects companies have set up their offices in Singapore, including Lucasfilm Animation.

Established international companies look to local animation companies to co-produce animated series for international broadcast. Notable content includes the popular pre-school animated series Dinosaur Train, which was co-produced by Singapore’s Sparky Animation together with The Jim Henson Company. The well-loved series has extended its popularity to toys, apparel and other merchandise. Rob the Robot, a pre-school animation by Singapore’s One Animation co-produced with Canadian based Amberwood Entertainment, was sold to more than 57 territories, and picked up by broadcasters such as Disney Junior, ABC Australia and more.

Local animation productions have also made waves at international award ceremonies. For example, Ask Lara by August Media Holdings was a 2013 Emmy nominee for “Best Kids Animation Series”. At the 2012 Asian Television Awards, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens produced by Tiny Island Productions and owned by Turner/Cartoon Network, won “Best 3D Animated Programme”; and Guess How Much I Love You by Scrawl Studios won “Best 2D Animated Programme”. Tiny Island also produced Singapore's first original 3D animation production, The Dream Defenders, which was subsequently acquired in 2011 by 3net, a 24/7 3D network set up by Sony Corporation, Discovery Comms and IMAX Corporation.

The animation sector remains one that IMDA actively helps to develop. Through funding assistance for production, marketing and talent development, IMDA has supported dozens of animation projects to take off, by enabling more animation companies and their talent to develop their craft, produce more innovative works for a global audience, and linking them up with global players to reach a wider global market.

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