As You Were

Last Updated on 24 April 2018
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The island of Saint John is separated from Singapore by a stetch of sea; it hosts a rehab center for troubled youths. One of them, fed up with the steely discipline and hard work, escapes by swimming to the city: above him, the night sky is illuminated by neon lights and firework. Guohui and Peiling meet on the island after years of being apart; their love, which dates back to their childhood, is still strong. But their relationship is undermined by Peiling's undersecurity. Years later, Rachel, a singer looking for some peacem goes to the island: she meets Guohui and their lives intersect. And the ghost of Peiling appears once more.

Produced by


Running time

96 minutes



Key cast

Josh Lai, Cheryl Tan, Jerome Chee

International sales/distribution

Mosquito Films


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