Love Matters

Last Updated on 09 May 2018
love matters

Love Matters is a humorous and entertaining look at love and happiness in a straight-laced Asian society, through the misadventures of three men as they search for love and happiness with varying results. Old-fashioned 52 year-old Tan Bo Seng blunders through attempts to revive sleeping passions between him and his wife, while his younger Casanova brother, Jeremy, suddenly comes face to face with commitment. Meanwhile Bo Seng’s teenage son Benny struggles with his feelings for a classmate’s girlfriend. Love Matters combines Jack Neo’s trademark humour with sensitive observations at how we deal with matters of the heart.

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Running time

118 minutes


HD/ 35mm

Key cast

Henry Thia, Yeo Yann Yann

International sales/distribution

(65) 6376 0177

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