Timeless Love

Last Updated on 07 June 2018
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The plot mostly revolves around Morgan, who finds an island lease and a photo of a mysterious-looking stranger posing on an island whilst looking through his grandmother's belongings. Morgan somehow recalls that his grandmother used to tell him tales of her regrets with regards to a watch and the island when he was younger. Intrigued on the identity of the mysterious man and to escape the paparazzi, he decides to head off to the island to unravel the mysteries and find answers. As he went to the island, he found 3 teenagers. Love blossoms. But, are they related or what do all of them got to do with the island?

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Running time

89 minutes



Key cast

Aloysius Pang, Kimberly Chia, Joshua Ang, Josephine Chan, Xu Bin, Eugene Lim, Michelle Tay, Mok Kai Xiang, Cynthia Wang

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