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last updated 13 November 2018

Singapore’s games sector comprises over 60 game development, publishing and services companies, and is one of the fastest growing media sector. Companies looking for a regional media hub capable of creating, publishing and distributing cutting edge games content will find in Singapore a skilled workforce, IT infrastructure and strong intellectual property rights protection regime.

The country is home to major industry players such as Gumi Asia, Konami Singapore, Tecmo Koei and Ubisoft, as well as local players such as Touch Dimensions, LambdaMu and Tyler Projects. Singapore also houses established renowned educational institutions such as the DigiPen Institute of Technology and LASALLE College of the Arts.

To develop a vibrant local games industry, IMDA focuses on supporting original IP content creation and delivery via online and mobile means. In October 2011, the former MDA, now IMDA, launched the Games Solution Centre (GSC), located at Mediapolis Phase 0 (also known as Block 71), to provide a rapid prototyping development environment for Singapore-based small-medium games enterprises to develop their games. GSC also houses Southeast Asia’s first Playstation Incubation Studio. One of the games developed in the GSC, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken by Ratloop Asia, was first released on Sony PlayStation network in 2011, and developed into a Sony PSVita version, which ranked third on the top-selling games in Asia on the Vita console in 2012.

Over the years, Singapore game companies have won a number of international awards and their games have been enjoyed by gamers worldwide. For example, Touch Dimension’s Autumn Dynasty which was launched in May 2012 had over 37,000 downloads. It was ranked Number 1 strategy game in 28 countries such as the United States, South Korea and Singapore.