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PIXEL Studios

last updated 06 March 2018

PIXEL Studios is an initiative by IMDA for next generation content creators and media businesses, to come together to conceptualise stories, produce online videos, develop games, create prototypes and innovate.

Located at PIXEL building in one-north, the 25,000 sq ft PIXEL Studios aims to build a community of creators and create opportunities for collaboration across the creative ecosystem, by providing a full suite of facilities and resources backed by capability-driven programmes with industry partners.

Creative Spaces for Online Content Creators
Let your creativity flourish and turn your ideas into reality with the right tools and training, all in one place.

Online content creators may expect to find shared production facilities and equipment at PIXEL Studios that are essential for video production of all levels, such as production studios, green screen and editing suites, thematic sets, hot-desking areas and cameras. There is also plenty of opportunities for you to connect with fellow creators at the space, exchange ideas and collaborate.

For a limited time period only, online creators who are creating experimental content and pilots are welcome to try out and use the space. Be it the collaborative area, thematic sets or video production studios, we welcome your proposals!
Submit your proposals with the following details to enquire@impixel.sg:
  1. Your name, contact number, email address and channel link (or equivalent) 
  2. A brief synopsis of what you intend to shoot
  3. Where you intend to shoot (e.g. production studios, functional kitchen, etc.)
  4. When you intend to shoot and the duration
  5. What channel/platform would the video/content be up on

One-stop Resource Centre for Games Developers
Formerly known as the Games Solution Centre (GSC) @ Blk 71, PIXEL Studios provides game start-ups and talent a rapid prototyping development environment with the right training and mentorship programmes to develop their games. It also provides users with the relevant platforms to help launch and market their games locally and internationally.

Home to Southeast Asia’s first PlayStation® Incubation Studio, PIXEL Studios is fully equipped with development kits to enable game developers to create and test their content for the PlayStation® platforms. PIXEL Studios allow game developers to be plugged into a conducive environment, partnering them as they progress from incubation stages to being full-fledged commercially viable companies. It also promotes game content through pavilions at key market events.

Find out how you can be part of PIXEL Studios here.