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Interactive Showcase

last updated 03 November 2017

Experience the convergence of technology, media and art. Get inspired by projects created by Singapore talent.

Discover a world of innovations across the skies, lands and seas. With tinkering stations and live interview segments, the interactive showcase at Tech Saturday showcases the innovations of local companies across a themed space.

Have you dreamt of being a digital innovator? Come on down to Tech Saturday (Upsized!) and get inspired by the interesting interactive showcases. Speak to the innovators behind these works and find out how their ideas were made into prototypes, creating the next-generation technology products.



RoboRaid: Mixed-Reality First Person Shooter with Microsoft HoloLens
HelloHolo is the first initiative in Singapore has exclusive access to Mixed Reality technology like the Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer. Imagine holographic characters sitting on your furniture!


Danger Room
Danger Room was developed locally by the two-man team of Actually Sane Studios and self-published on the Steam gaming platform. Danger Room is a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive, where players are fully immersed in a futuristic arena facing an onslaught of bullets and laser beams.


Kaiju Den
Stratos Fantasea - Kaiju Den's flagship VR game. Embark on a Skydive Hunt in a colorful colored landscape taking your trusty accessories and building your arsenal for the final Big Hunt: The Legendary White Whale.



Smart Mirror
The smart mirror is a passive interface that augments your interactions with an everyday object — a mirror. These mirrors can be used in a number of places where regular mirrors are used these days — at home to show personalised updates, gyms to help with workouts etc.


3D Printed Solar Electric Car
Nanyang Venture 8 (NV8) is an Urban Concept electric car that has a 3D printed body shell and can reach top speeds of 52 km/hr. Designed and built by NTU undergraduates in 4 months, it won four awards at SEM 2016 and participated in overseas races in Manila and London.


Risk Free Immersive Medical Training
This interactive Virtual Reality (VR) showcase is a collaboration between Sidefx Studios and IMDA to explore the use of Virtual Reality (VR)/Mixed Reality for risk-free medical training.

Pathlight School

3D Printed Superhero Costume
Initiated for students of Pathlight School’s Infocomm Club 3D Design Group, the showcase features the students’ creation of 3D printed Pathlight Superhero costume that was created by using mind mapping techniques and 3D modelling.



Storyhive – VR by Everyone, for Everyone
Developed by Hiverlab, Storyhive is a simple tool for you to create your own immersive presentations. Experience an interactive VR underwater simulation featuring the coral reefs at Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.


Bumblebee Autonomous Systems
Bumblebee is a multi-disciplinary engineering project team comprising of Engineering and Computer Science students at the National University of Singapore.The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) they created uses robotic technology that allow it to operate remotely underwater.



Digital Maker
The Digital Maker Programme aims to nurture a new generation of digital creators and makers by introducing simple-to-use and open-ended technology that students and adults will find comfortable to use


Coding with Duck Learning and LEGO Education
Get your hands on coding and robotics and experience how it works in real life situations.



Live 360 Broadcasting
In this showcase, a custom camera with an integrated 9-lens configuration, captures 4K definition video with each of the camera lenses. 60 videos are captured using video cameras rigged up to record videos simultaneously in all directions from a single viewpoint.