Internet of Things Technical Committee (IoTTC)

The Internet of Things Technical Committee (IoTTC) focus on the standardisation needs in IoT technologies, such as sensor networks, system interfaces, data management and security.

TC composition and structure

IoTTC has the following main composition:

TC Chairman

Mr Lim Chee Kean
Chief Executive Officer
Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd 

The TC comprises the following Working Groups (WGs):

i.  Sensor Networks WG
ii.  IoT Reference Architecture WG
iii.  IoT Information and Services WG
iv.  IoT Security WG

International Standards Participation

Singapore is a 'P' member of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 Internet of Things and related technologies.

Singapore Standards Under IoTTC

Technical Reference
TR 38 : 2014

Sensor network for smart nation (public areas)
Technical Reference
TR 40 : 2015
Sensor networks for smart nation (homes)
Technical Reference
TR 47 : 2016
Internet of Things Reference Architecture for Smart Nation
Technical Reference
TR 50 : 2016
Internet of Things Information and Services Interoperability for Smart Nation
Technical Reference
TR 64 : 2018
Guidelines for IoT security for smart nation