Last updated: 15 May 2021

Published on: 15 May 2021

For Media Content Production Companies

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 14 May 2021 that Singapore would enter Phase 2 – Heightened Alert, and that there would be additional Safe Management Measures from 16 May to 13 June 2021.

Companies will continue their activities subject to safe distancing principles, including measures put in place to ensure that individuals maintain safe distancing of at least one metre at all times as a default. Further, all workplaces must continue to comply with the prevailing safe management measures. Strict checks will be conducted and companies that do not provide a safe workplace for workers will have their operations suspended.

Under the Information and Communications sector, companies under the sub-categories of permitted services with SSIC codes 58 to 63 will continue to be allowed to operate in Phase 2 – Heightened Alert. You may login to BizFile+ using CorpPass credentials to find out the necessary information about your SSIC code.

For companies that are involved in content production, refer to “Content Production” below for the Safety Rules.

Content Production

From 16 May to 13 June 2021, companies should take note of the following rules:

(a) All content productions may proceed with no more than 15 personnel on location, including no more than 10 onscreen talent/performers (who may be unmasked if necessary), at any given time.

(b) Companies registered with IMDA may proceed with no more than 30 personnel on location, including no more than 10 onscreen talent/performers (who may be unmasked if necessary), at any given time.

(c) Filming or recording of “live” singing is allowed with no more than 2 singers (out of the 10 onscreen talent/performers) unmasked at any given time, and must observe a 2-metre safe distancing from the next person, for the following groups of companies:

  • Companies registered with IMDA per (b) may proceed without any further action; OR
  • Companies not registered with IMDA, but are under SSIC codes beginning with 59, are to notify IMDA using the form available under the Resources section of the Filming in Singapore page.

(d) Unmasking dispensations are to be kept strictly to the fixed cast of onscreen talent/performers (not interchangeable with other non-onscreen performing roles) for the entire production.

(e) No on-site audiences should be present on location; all personnel should comprise only talent/performers (i.e. cast), crew, and staff.

For more details, please refer to our Filming in Singapore page, the Mandatory Safety Rules for the Resumption of Content Production (Version 4.2) endorsed by IMDA, and the links to the Comprehensive Safety Measures posted by the Association of Independent Producers (AIPRO) and Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals (SAMPP). Both documents are collectively put together by media industry representatives and associations.”

For Cinemas

Revised Capacity Limits

From 16 May 2021 through 13 June 2021, the capacity limits of cinemas are up to 50 pax (without pre-event testing) or up to 100 pax (with pre-event testing), with one-metre safe distancing between different groups of patrons for each cinema hall. Cinemas must adhere to the prevailing social gathering group size of up to 2 persons.

No Food & Beverage Consumption

In addition, from 16 May 2021 through 13 June 2021, food and beverage consumption within cinema premises, both inside and outside cinema halls, is not allowed. In essence, all cinema patrons must put on their masks at all times.

Deployment of SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW)

From 19 April 2021, all cinemas must deploy either the SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) or use the SEGW feature on the SE (Business) App as a check-in method for patrons and visitors. This will help facilitate a faster SafeEntry check-in.

Cinemas must comply with the Mandatory Safe Management Measures (SMM) for Cinemas (155.16KB). For more details on operating guidelines, please refer to the Best Practices for Cinema Operators (311.12KB) and FAQs for the Reopening of Cinemas (202.36KB).

Cinemas refer to Golden Village, Cathay Cineplexes, Shaw Theatres, Filmgarde, WE Cinemas, The Projector, Eaglewing Cinematics, Carnival Cinemas and Salt Media@Capital Tower. Other establishments with screening venues that are allowed to reopen, must also comply with the mandatory SMMs for Cinemas.

For Arts Entertainment Stakeholders

Arts Entertainment Events

On 30 April and 4 May 2021, MOH announced tightened community measures to reduce the risk of community transmissions, following new clusters of infection.

All indoor and outdoor live performances should be deferred, unless these have been announced and publicised before 5 May 2021. Live performances which have been publicised before 5 May 2021 and which are scheduled to take place from 8 May through 30 May 2021 may only proceed with approval from MTI, and with audiences capped at 100 pax (without pre-event testing) or 250 pax (with pre-event testing).

To seek approval to proceed for indoor and outdoor live performances which have been publicised before 5 May 2021, and which are scheduled to take place from 8 May through 30 May 2021, please submit the application form found in the “Resumption of Live Performances” section, to NAC and STB. 

There should be no announcement, publicity or ticket sale for live performances which have not already been publicised, until further notice.

For the latest updates and details of the Safe Management Measures that are put in place for the Arts Entertainment sector, please refer to the relevant Advisories issued by the National Arts Council and National Heritage Board.

For more information, and for the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, please visit the MOH’s website or call its hotline at 1800 333 9999.

For further queries or clarifications, please contact IMDA at or at 6377 3800.