Hourly Tech Tutorials for Seniors

Hourly Tech Tutorials for Seniors

No festival is complete without a sprinkle of fun. So mark your calendars and jazz up your digital journey with local deejays & celebrities at selected timeslots. 

Don’t forget to come by the stage at 2pm to get your daily dose of cyber security tips during the Cyber Health Hour!

 Time 26 July, Friday27 July, Saturday28 July, Sunday 
 Fave Healthy 365
 10:45am Faith MusicFaith MusicFaith Music
 11am NETSPayMyCPF Lianhe Zaobao2
 11:45amFaith MusicFaith MusicFaith Music
 12pm Wireless@SGToggle
 Grab (Payment)
 12:45pmFaith MusicFaith MusicFaith Music
 1pm Grab (Transport) MyTransport.sg1 SingPass Mobile1
 2pm Cyber Security - Are You Forgetting Something? Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind with Marcus Chin and Fenying from Love 97.2FM2Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind with Getai Stars Hao Hao and Lee Pei Fen1
 3pm iOS Features for Low Vision Swift Coding Creating eBook
 3:45pmSilver ActivitiesSilver ActivitiesSilver Activities
 4pm Health Buddy NLB Mobile Chope
  Silver Activities Silver Activities Silver Activities
 5pm The Straits Times1 MyENV Findjobs

Tutorials are in English and Mandarin unless stated otherwise.

1 – Available in English only

2 – Available in Chinese only

Participants are advised to download the App on their mobile devices before attending the tutorials. If you require assistance, please arrive 15 minutes before the session. Limited seats, on first-come, first-served basis.

Last updated on: 03 Jul 2019