Gearing up for the digital future? Want to experience a mock cyber-attack and the damages it can potentially cause? Learn how to protect yourself in the digital age and discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can transform almost everything from home living products to services. Visit the Discover Zone to learn more and get a chance to win attractive prizes in our sure win lucky dip! 

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  • Smart Home Studio

    AI Smart Home Studio

    Experience the home of the future powered by AWS: make a cup of coffee, turn on calming lights to softly illuminate the space, and have your favourite music playing soothingly as you wind down— simply by using your voice. That’s the future of home automation.

  • AI Robot World

    AI Robot World

    Enter into an AI Robot world to find out how AI technologies are used in the making of AI Humanoid robots. Be greeted by Cruzer the concierge robot, enjoy a synchronised dance performance by a team of robots, experience a mind blowing AR game with the latest Marvel hero bot plus you can even build, code and play with your own basic robotic creation!

  • Lab on Wheels AI Escape Room

    Lab on Wheels AI Escape Room

    Enter the Lab on Wheels’ AI Escape Room to learn all about AI concepts while solving a series of AI challenges.

  • Lab on Wheels Cybersecurity

    Lab on Wheels CSI experience

    Take part in the Cyber Security Investigation experience and role play as interns in Critical Infrastructure Companies (e.g. Train Company, Water Utility etc) and take part in a series of challenge-based activities to help you see the potential damage that can happen when a city is under cyber-attack.

  • Your Personal Data

    Your Personal Data, Your Choice!

    Learn more about personal data protection and responsible data sharing at the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) booth through a fun and interactive game!

  • Get Smart with Sherlock

    Get Smart with Sherlock

    Learn how to detect and debunk fake news with the Get Smart with Sherlock fact-checking starter kit developed by the Media Literacy Council.

    The kit features Sherlock, your friendly neighbourhood detective, who will help you understand online falsehoods and give you tips and clues on how to spot it.

Last updated on: 27 May 2019