National Infocomm Competition


The National Infocomm Competition (NIC) is a series of infocomm-themed competitions to expose students to areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, data science and mobile application development. 

The NIC supports quality and impactful competitions which seeks to deepen students' engagement and infocomm media skills, as well as foster analytical thinking and creativity.  NIC is achieved through partnerships with industry and academia to co-organise / support strategic competitions in strong growth infocomm and media areas.  

Who can take part?

Different competitions are open to students from different levels across Primary and Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, ITE / Polytechnics / Universities, and some competitions are open to adults.

How to take part?

Click here to find out more about the various competitions and how you can take part in them.

Last updated on: 12 Jan 2021