The Wireless@SG SSID/network will be progressively phased out from 12 Oct 2020. The turn off is intended to improve the overall security of the Wireless@SG service. Users are encouraged to switch to and use the more secured Wireless@SGx SSID for internet access.

Only users who are connecting via the Wireless@SG SSID will be affected by this exercise. No further action is required for existing users of Wireless@SGx as these users would already be able to connect to Wireless@SGx for their internet access.

You may refer to the FAQ for more information. Wireless@SG related questions can be found under “Home -> Tips and Guides for Consumer -> Wireless@SG”.



Wireless@SG was launched in December 2006 to accelerate the deployment of high-speed wireless broadband, promote wireless broadband lifestyle amongst citizens and those residing in Singapore, and catalyse the wireless broadband market in Singapore. Since its launch, Wireless@SG has successfully catalysed Singapore’s wireless broadband market, and spawned an “always connected” culture amongst Singaporeans.

The Wireless@SG programme currently adopts a federated model in which Wireless@SG hotspots are sustained commercially between venue owners and Wireless@SG operators. The federated model also enables seamless roaming across the Wireless@SG hotspots deployed by different operators. IMDA, as the programme owner, ensures consistent user experience by stipulating standards for identity management, login and security.

Over the years, Wireless@SG has implemented several enhancements whichfocus on enhancing consumer experience and enterprise adoption. Some of these enhancements include the introduction of EAP-SIM (using SIM card credentials to connect to Wireless@SGx network), launch of the Wireless@SG app to facilitate easier log on and auto connection, faster surfing speed (minimally 5Mbps), replacing login with SMS OTP (instead of user name and password) to support both local and foreign mobile numbers, more hotspots etc. Some of the hotspots include public transport facilities/MRT stations, malls, hawker centres and community centres. For more information on the hotspot locations, please click here (1.24MB).

Last updated on: 12 Jan 2021