In a Digital Economy, many enterprises including Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors adopt digital solutions to improve productivity and to transform their business. A large proportion of these SMEs procure technology solutions from Infocomm Technology (ICT) SMEs. It is therefore important for ICT SMEs to ensure that their products and solutions are cyber secured and safe for use, and data safeguards are in place to protect against cyber thefts and leakage. ICT SMEs need to build up their cybersecurity capabilities and improve the product security posture of their products and solutions.

IMDA’s GoSecure programme is designed to support ICT SMEs to build up their cybersecurity capabilities and support the adoption of cybersecurity tools and services internally so that they can leverage these tools and services, as well as put in place safeguards and Security-by-design practices to improve the security posture of their products and solutions. The GoSecure programme supports ICT SMEs in the following ways:

  • With effect from 01 Jun 2020, ICT SMEs can conduct a self-assessment of their internal digital capabilities in cybersecurity through a Tech Capability Assessment Tool. The online tool is developed by IMDA to help ICT SMEs assess their capability gaps with recommendations on how they can address these gaps. Currently, the Tool covers two digital capability areas: Cloud Native (launched in Oct 2019), and Cybersecurity (with effect from 01 Jun 2020).
  • Since Aug 2018, ICT SMEs can receive Security-by-Design consultation and obtain Vulnerability Assessment Services from Singapore Institute of Technology at below market rate ( i.e. GoSecure with SIT)
  • Kindly note that our GoSecure with Tools and Services has ended. If companies that are seeking support for automation or product development using Cybersecurity Tools and Services, it can be supported through Enterprise Development Grant as part of the company’s automation or product development project.
  • Interested companies can still approach any of the vendors (pre-approved previously under GoSecure with Tools and Services) listed below on your own if you are looking for cybersecurity tools and services that were previously approved under GoSecure with Tools and Services. 
S/N Name of Pre-approved Vendor Name of Tool/ Services
Contact Details
1 Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd

Solar AppScreener
Source Code Review Tool

Ken Soh
Contact Hotline:
8431 1778, 9137 0722
Contact Email:
2 TUV SUD PSB Cyber Attack Surface Screening and Assessment Services
Cyber Security Advisory Services
Ivory May
Contact Hotline: +8822 2507
Contact Email: info.sg@tuvsud.com
3 Singtel Security Testing Tools
Security Assessment Services

Joel Yap
Contact Hotline: 1800-763-1111
Contact Email: s-cyberpsg@singtel.com

Tech Capability Assessment Tool

What is Tech Capability Assessment Tool in Cybersecurity?

IMDA developed a Tech Capability Assessment Tool to help ICT SMEs assess their capabilities in Cybersecurity. This free online tool is designed to guide ICT SMEs through a series of questions to assess the current capability gaps in cybersecurity covering Threat Identification, Cybersecurity Safeguards, and Business Restoration.

At the end of the assessment, the ICT SME will receive a detailed report that provides insights on the current state of the cybersecurity capability, gaps that need to be addressed, and recommendations on how to address them.

How do I access the tool?

To start assessing the level of maturity your company has in the area of cybersecurity, click the icon below to access the Tech Capability Assessment Tool (Cybersecurity).

Gosecure With Tools And Services

What is GoSecure with Tools and Services?

In Jun 2020, IMDA expanded GoSecure to support ICT SMEs in the adoption of cybersecurity tools and services for use during the development and deployment of products and solutions.

ICT SMEs can also procure services by outsourcing their cybersecurity needs to specialist cybersecurity providers to augment their limited cybersecurity knowledge and resources. Please note that GoSecure with Tools and Services has ended in Mar 2021.  

What were the cybersecurity tools and services that were pre-approved?

IMDA has pre-approved the vendors for the following cybersecurity tools and services under GoSecure Tools and Services

How can I still be supported for using the tools and services listed above as the GoSecure Tools and Services programme has ceased?

Companies can still be supported for the use of the tools and services through the Enterprise Development Grant if the companies are embarking on automation or product development project.

GoSecure with SIT

What is GoSecure with SIT?

IMDA has collaborated with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to help identify security gaps in ICT SMEs’ products and solutions through Security-by-Design consultation and vulnerability assessments to reduce cybersecurity risks.


Through GoSecure with SIT, ICT companies will be able to:

Benefits from GoSecure

What are the benefits for signing up GoSecure with SIT?

  • Training and knowledge transfer of Security-by-Design Principles
  • Vulnerability Assessments (VA) for products
  • Access to Expertise from SIT Faculty
  • Subsidised fees starting from $6,500*
  • Access to IT professional development or workplace training courses, seminars and workshops in Cybersecurity (charges may apply)

*prices may vary from case to case

How do I apply for GoSecure with SIT?

For application or enquiries, please email to cybersecurity@singaporetech.edu.sg or visit http://singaporetech.edu.sg/collaborate/gosecure

Who can sign up for GoSecure?

  • Priority for first-time applicant for GoSecure
  • Singapore-Owned or Singapore-Based ICT SME1
  • Have local technical resources to go through the Capabilities Upskilling & Vulnerability Assessment Testing with SIT
  • Owns the IP of the product or solution to undergo vulnerability assessment
  • Have positive net equity based on the latest financial statement (optional for start-up companies2)

1ICT SME refers to the following::

  • Business entities registered and operating in Singapore
  • Singapore registered company that engages in Infocomm Technology (ICT) and related activities based on SSIC codes
  • Minimum 30% local shareholding
  • Company’s Group annual sales turnover not more than $100 million OR Company’s Group employment size not more than 200 workers

2Start-up Companies refer to the following

  • Registered for less than 5 years at time of grant application
  • At least 30% local shareholdings
  • Company's Group annual sales turnover is not more than $100 million or group employment size is not more than 200 workers; and
  • Core activities to be carried out in Singapore.


Last updated on: 30 Apr 2021