Peppol-Ready Solution providers are platforms such as Accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning systems which provides E-Invoice functionality without necessarily becoming an Access Point. The criteria to become a solution provider is as below. The below capabilities can be built natively (i.e. becoming an AP) or through the use of an intermediary (i.e. through an external AP). Download the detailed Application Criteria here (163.97KB).

Mandatory Criteria

  • Your solution must be able to register the business user on the Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) through an Access Point.
  • Your solution must be able to send e-invoices (and other authorised documents) on the Peppol network.
  • Your solution must be able to receive e-invoices (and other authorised documents) from the Peppol network and display the invoice correctly.
  • Your solution must be able to capture and maintain the Peppol IDs of your users’ business partners (i.e. customer and /or supplier). 

Preferred Criteria

  • Your solution is able to lookup the users’ customer or supplier and check whether they are on Peppol network.
  • Your solution allows a simplified user process such that the decision making process of sending invoices to both Peppol and non Peppol-recipients is seamless (for example – when the user sends an invoice normally, the system will decide whether to send via email or Peppol network based on whether the recipient is on the e-invoicing network).

Last updated on: 18 Jun 2021