Mobile Workforce Solutions CFC

Submission Closing Date: 15 May 2002

Previously, wireless enterprise applications have relied on expensive equipment and networks. These create significant barriers to entry that has limited the adoption and deployment of such solutions from the majority of enterprises and organisations. Recent advancements and developments in wireless technologies have changed this environment.

Wireless bearers such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and IEEE 802.11 technology have reduced the cost of ownership of wireless solutions. With data ready mobile handsets, ruggardised devices and personal digital assistants, new opportunities are created for the enterprise to mobilise and interact with their employees.

Solutions that can take advantage of the mobility offered by wireless technologies include personal information management, sales force automation, field force automation, supply chain management, resource planning and remote monitoring. It is essential that business drivers determine the relevancy of such solutions for an enterprise or organisation.

Through the piloting and adoption of such solutions, enterprises can gain competitive advantages in the form of faster decision making, productivity gains, cost savings, responsiveness to customer demand and visibility over the processes and operations. IDA aims to support the trial and piloting of such technologies by facilitating the exchange of information between technology providers and users, and sharing some of the risks involved in piloting the use of such technologies.

IDA encourages the conduct of seminars and events aimed at creating the awareness of the wireless technologies and solutions available to address the needs of the mobile workforce. Technology companies and user associations wishing to organise such events for the benefit of potential users of wireless workforce solutions may seek support from IDA.

IDA will host a list of IDA-registered consultancy firms that will be able to assist the possible user in assessing the feasibility, relevancy and gains that can be realised from the adoption of wireless solutions. Companies that would like to explore in greater depth the scope of solutions that would match their needs, as well as issues such as the payback period from adopting wireless solutions will be able to gain from expert consultancy.

With industry participation, IDA will provide funding support for the conduct of selected trials and pilots of such solutions. Through these, IDA aims to establish the value of wireless technologies and applications to enterprises and organisations in enabling their mobile workforce.

20 project consortia had been awarded the Mobile Workforce Solutions CFC to implement pilot projects between May and November 2002.


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