FBOs are operators intending to deploy any form of telecommunication network, systems and facilities to offer telecommunication switching and/or telecommunication services to other licensed telecommunication operators, business, and/or consumers.

List of FBO Licences

Facilities-Based Operators
Agora Communications Pte Ltd (796.35KB)
Antina Pte Ltd (222.08KB)
AT&T Worldwide Telecommunications Services Singapore Pte Ltd (482.87KB)
Australia-Singapore Cable (Singapore) Pte Ltd (131.65KB)
Belgacom International Carrier Services Asia Pte Ltd (468.50KB)
Bharti International (Singapore) Pte Ltd f.k.a. Bharti Airtel (Singapore) Pte Ltd (449.09KB)
Biznet Networks Singapore Pte Ltd (234.80KB)
BlueTel Networks Pte Ltd (440.31KB)
BT Singapore Pte Ltd (375.66KB)
Campana Group Pte Ltd (668.34KB)
China Mobile International (Singapore) Pte Ltd (471.74KB)
China Telecom (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd f.k.a. China Telecom (Singapore) Pte Ltd (125.01KB)
China Unicom (Singapore) Operations Pte Ltd (465.04KB)
Chunghwa Telecom Singapore Pte Ltd (125.31KB)
CitiCall Communications Pte Ltd (453.37KB)
Cloud Telecommunications (S) Pte Ltd (463.39KB)
Colt Technology Services Pte Ltd f.k.a. KVH (Singapore) Pte Ltd (540.91KB)
Deltel Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd (783.88KB)
Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd f.k.a. T-Systems Singapore Pte Ltd (454.26KB)
EITC Singapore Pte Ltd (229.98KB)
Encompass Digital Media (Asia) Pte Ltd (217.64KB)
Etisalat Wholesale Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (490.23KB)
Flag Telecom Singapore Pte Ltd (135.64KB)
Global Transit Singapore Pte Ltd (143.08KB)
GlobeCast Asia Pte Ltd (287.75KB)
GlobeTel Singapore Pte Ltd (327.92KB)
Google Singapore Pte Ltd (481.28KB)
Grid Communications Pte Ltd f.k.a. Digital Network Access Communications Pte Ltd
HBC Singapore Pte Ltd (788.06KB)
HGC Global Communications Pte Limited (422.82KB)
HKT Global (Singapore) Pte Ltd (128.15KB)
Indosat Singapore Pte Ltd (562.43KB)
IntraWave Pte Ltd (222.73KB)
ISMO Pte Ltd f.k.a. IPS Telecommunication Singapore Pte Ltd (382.01KB)
KDDI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd f.k.a. KDDI Singapore Pte Ltd (457.38KB)
Keppel Midgard Holdings Pte Ltd (579.63KB)
M1 Limited (568.40KB)
M1 Limited and M1 Network Private Limited (356.41KB)
Matrix Networks Pte Ltd (649.90KB)
MediaCorp Pte Ltd (Satellite FBO Licence) (338.51KB)
MediaCorp Pte Ltd (TTS FBO Licence) (229.78KB)
Montclair Telecom Pte Ltd (479.96KB)
Moratel International Pte Ltd (667.70KB)
MyRepublic Broadband Pte Ltd f.k.a. MyRepublic Limited
NetLink NBN Management Pte Ltd (In Its Capacity As Trustee-Manager of NetLink NBN Trust) ("NetLink NBN Trust") and NetLink Management Pte Ltd (In Its Capacity As Trustee of NetLink Trust) (“NetLink Trust”) (originally issued to CityNet Management Pte Ltd (In Its Capacity As Trustee-Manager of NetLink Trust)) (527.91KB)
NTT Communications World Network (S) Pte Ltd (479.93KB)
Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd (390.25KB)
Orange Carriers Singapore Pte. Ltd. f.k.a. France Telecom Long Distance Singapore Pte Ltd (216.93KB)
PGAS Telecommunications International Pte Ltd (241.61KB)
Planetcast International Pte. Ltd. (f.k.a. Adore Technologies Pte Ltd) (286.74KB)
Reach International Telecom (Singapore) Pte Ltd (93.94KB)
Reliance Jio Infocomm Pte Ltd (1.18MB)
Simba Telecom Pte. Ltd. (f.k.a. TPG Telecom Pte. Ltd.) (600.80KB)
Singapore Telecommunications Limited (440.82KB)
Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd (396.99KB)
SkyLab Networks Pte Ltd (449.78KB)
SPConnect Pte Ltd (424.03KB)
SpeedCast Singapore Pte Ltd f.k.a. ST Teleport Pte Ltd (430.75KB)
SPTEL Pte Ltd f.k.a. SP Telecommunications Pte Ltd (495.23KB)
StarHub Ltd (409.20KB)
StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd (423.40KB)
Strides Engineering Pte Ltd f.k.a. SMRT Services Pte Ltd (465.19KB)
SUBCO Singapore Pte. Ltd. f.k.a. Sub.Co Singapore Pte. Ltd. (466.35KB)
SuperInternet Access Pte Ltd (266.20KB)
Superloop (Singapore) Pte Ltd (482.32KB)
Super Sea Cable Networks Pte Ltd (463.09KB)
Tata Communications International Pte Ltd (443.74KB)
TE Globe Pte Ltd (664.62KB)
Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd (124.21KB)
Telstra Singapore Pte Ltd (492.88KB)
TI Sparkle Singapore Pte Ltd (451.38KB)
UnaBiz Network Pte Ltd (417.25KB)
Verizon Communications Singapore Pte Ltd f.k.a. MCI WorldCom Asia Pte Ltd (398.35KB)
Viewqwest Pte Ltd (501.02KB)
Vodafone Enterprise Singapore Pte Ltd f.k.a. Vodafone Enterprise Global Network Pte Ltd (215.07KB)
Xenith IG Singapore Pte Ltd (500.68KB)

Last updated on: 20 Jan 2023

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