Review of Interconnection Offer for the Provision of Services on Nationwide Broadband Network

Issued Date: 24/01/2014

24 January 2014 - Public Consultation on the Review of OpenNet Pte Ltd's Interconnection Offer (“ICO”) for the Provision of Services on Nationwide Broadband Network.

OpenNet Pte Ltd ("OpenNet"), the Network Company ("NetCo") selected to build, operate and maintain the passive infrastructure of the Nationwide Broadband Network ("NBN"), plays a pivotal role in the implementation of the NBN and IDA places significant emphasis on achieving a successful and effective implementation of the NetCo layer. Since the last review of OpenNet’s ICO in July 2012, IDA has been monitoring market developments and notes the following:

a)         the quota adjustment mechanisms (i.e., Maximum Quota and its adjustment mechanism, as well as the Seasonal Quota arrangement) have been unable to effectively cope with the increased demand for OpenNet’s services; and

b)         there continue to be protracted delays in OpenNet’s provisioning of Residential and Non-Residential End-User Connection services.

In view of the above, IDA considers that it is reasonable and necessary to conduct a further review of OpenNet’s ICO, to ensure that these are able to meet the industry’s needs and the demand for OpenNet’s services.  As part of the ICO review, IDA has required OpenNet to propose certain changes to its ICO ("IDA Initiated Changes") and OpenNet has also proposed certain changes to its ICO ("OpenNet Initiated Changes"). OpenNet has since submitted the proposed changes to its ICO ("Draft Revised ICO").

IDA Consultation Paper
Consultation Document on OpenNet's ICO Review

Proposed OpenNet's Revised ICO
Main Body
Schedule 1 - Residential End-User Connection
Schedule 2 - Non-Residential End-User Connection
Schedule 3 - NBAP Connection
Schedule 4 - CO to CO Connection
Schedule 5 - CO to Building MDF Connection
Schedule 6 - Building MDF Room to FTTB Node Connection
Schedule 7 - FTTB Node to DP Connection
Schedule 8 - Building MDF Room to Residential Premise Connection
Schedule 9 - Building MDF Room to Non-Residential Premise Connection Schedule
Schedule 10 - CO to NBAP DP Connection
Schedule 11 - NBAP DP to NBAP TP Connection
Schedule 12 - Co-Location Service
Schedule 12B Co-location Supplementary Cooling Service
Schedule 12C Co-location Space and Service in new Co-Location Room
Schedule 14 - OSS/BSS Connection & Professional Service
Schedule 15 - Charges
Schedule 18 - Dictionary

All views and comments should be submitted in writing in soft copies (preferably in Microsoft Word format) and shall reach IDA by
12 noon, 14 February 2014.

For each set of comments, respondents are required to include their personal/company particulars as well as their correspondence address. Views and comments should be addressed to:

Aileen Chia (Ms)
Deputy Director-General (Telecoms & Post)
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
10 Pasir Panjang Road
#10-01 Mapletree Business City
Singapore 117438

Please submit soft copies via email to: