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Review Of The Prices For OpenNet Interconnection Offer Services 2013

Issued Date: 15/08/2013

17 September 2013 - IDA approves OpenNet’s proposed modifications to its ICO relation to the OpenNet ICO Price Review

17 September 2013

IDA has completed its review of OpenNet's proposed modifications to its ICO, and has concluded that that the modifications are in accord with IDA’s 15 August 2013 Direction.

Accordingly, IDA hereby approves the amended ICO to take effect from 16 September 2013, with the exception of the applicable charges under Schedule 15 (Charges) for Co-Location Space and Power Charges offered under Schedule 12C (Co-Location Space & Service in New Co-Location Room), which are to be applied retrospectively from the date of IDA’s approval of Schedule 12C, i.e. 15 February 2013.

IDA's Notification of Approval - 17 September 2013
Notification (48.02KB)

30 August 2013

On 29 August 2013, OpenNet submitted its proposed modifications to its ICO for IDA's review.

OpenNet's Proposed Modifications - 29 August 2013
 Main Body (266.98KB)
 Schedule 12 - Co-Location Service (322.83KB)
 Schedule 12C - Co-Location Space & Service in New Co-Location Room (344.82KB)
 Schedule 15 - Charges (332.36KB)
 Schedule 18 - Dictionary (92.19KB)

15 August 2013

Pursuant to Section 12.3 of the Code of Practice for Next Generation National Broadband Network NetCo Interconnection Code, IDA shall review and may require OpenNet to modify the price(s) of the Mandated Services within three to five years from the date that the Interconnection Offer ("ICO") was first offered by OpenNet.

Considering that OpenNet has offered the ICO for more than three years and the terms and conditions of the ICO have undergone substantial revisions to keep pace with market developments, IDA was of the view that it was appropriate for IDA to commence its review of the charges for services offered under OpenNet's ICO in the third year. IDA has since concluded its review.

Accordingly, IDA now directs OpenNet to modify Schedule 15 (Charges) to the ICO to incorporate the IDA-determined charges, and to propose certain changes to its ICO within 10 business days from 15 August 2013.

IDA's Direction - 15 August 2013
Direction (267.69KB)