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Accounting Separation Guidelines

27 September 2001

IDA's Decision
Review of Consultation (16.04KB)
Annex A - Revised ASG (375.13KB)
Briefing to Industry on 25 May 2001
Briefing Slides (177.50KB)
Accounting Separation Guidelines
Accounting Separation Guidelines (211.27KB)
Consultative Document (268.71KB)

All views and comments should be submitted in writing and in both hard and soft copy (Microsoft Word 97 format), and should reach the IDA on or before 21 June 2001. Respondents are required to include their personal/company particulars as well as the correspondence address in their submissions. Comments and views should be addressed to:

Mr Andrew Haire
Senior Director (Regulation & Operations)
8 Temasek Boulevard
#14-00 Suntec Tower 3
Singapore 038988
Fax: (65) 211-2116

ST Teleport (44.77KB)
M1 (23.30KB)
Concert (34.63KB)
StarHub (43.10KB)
Pacific Internet (1.55MB)
SCV (63.31KB)
SingTel (42.02KB)
QALA (25.54KB)
East Asia Crossing (10.10KB)

Notice: IDA has received requests from FBO Licensees to extend the deadline for submission of response to the proposed Accounting Separation framework and guidelines. IDA will grant an extension of 1 week to all FBO Licensees. All responses must be submitted to IDA on or before 29 June 2001 by 12:00pm.