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Mergers and Acquisitions

IMDA has established regulations governing mergers and acquisitions to ensure fair competition in the telecommunications industry. These regulations require companies to notify IMDA of any proposed mergers or acquisitions and comply with specific guidelines and criteria designed to prevent anti-competitive practices.

Mergers and Acquisitions
No. Papers Date issued Closing date
1. Public Consultation on Proposed Consolidation between ST Teleport Pte Ltd and SpeedCast International Limited

IDA's Decision
11 Mar 2016

10 May 2016
28 Mar 2016
2. IDA's Decision on the Ownership change to CityNet Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd arising from the Proposed Combination of CitySpring Infrastructure Trust (Parent of Designated Telecommunication Licensee, CityNet Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd) with Keppel Infrastructure Trust (615.82KB) 23 Apr 2015 NA
3. Public Consultation on the Proposed Consolidation Involving Telstra Corporation Limited and Designated Telecommunication Licensees, Pacnet Global (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Pacnet Internet (S) Pte Ltd

IDA's Decision
19 Jan 2015

24 Mar 2015
2 Feb 2015
4. Public Consultation by IDA on Long Form Consolidation Application Submitted by OpenNet Pte Ltd, NetLink Trust, CityNet Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd and Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

IDA's Decision
28 Aug 2013

21 Nov 2013
25 Sep 2013
5. Proposed Consolidation Involving Cable & Wireless Global Pte Limited and Vodafone Europe B.V

IDA's Decision
4 Jun 2012

11 Jul 2012
18 Jun 2012
6. Consolidation Involving Pacific Internet Limited and Connect Holdings Limited

IDA's Decision 
27 Feb 2007

30 Mar 2007
12 Mar 2007
7. IDA's Decision on Proposed Change in Ownership in Asia Netcom Singapore Pte Ltd (32.65KB)
5 Sep 2006 NA
8. (I) Request by MCI Singapore, MCI and Verizon for Exemption from Long Form Consolidation Application (II) The Proposed Change in Ownership in MCI Singapore Arising from the Proposed Acquisition of MCI by Verizon

IDA's Decision 
17 Aug 2005

14 Oct 2005
31 Aug 2005
9. (I) Request by AT&T Singapore, AT&T and SBC for Exemption from Long Form Consolidation Application (II) The Proposed Change in Ownership in AT&T Singapore

IDA's Decision

Request for Reconsideration and IDA's Decision
23 Jun 2005

18 Aug 2005

13 Oct 2005
7 Jul 2005
10. Second Public Consultation on Telecom Consolidation Guidelines and Proposed Amendments to Section 9 of the Telecom Competition Code 07 May 2003 13 Jun 2003
11. Proposed Consolidation Involving StarHub Pte Ltd and Singapore Cable Vision Ltd 

IDA's Decision
17 May 2002

21 Jun 2002
31 May 2002
12. IDA Consolidation Review Guidelines 

Extension of time to submit comments

16 Oct 2001

19 Oct 2001
12 Nov 2001
30 Oct 2001

13 Nov 2001
19 Nov 2001

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