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Content Regulation

Providing adults with more content choices while at the same time protecting the young – these are the two basic guiding principles that direct IMDA when it comes to devising content policies. In addition, media guidelines and codes of practice create greater business certainty while helping to foster stronger growth for the industries.


In formulating our content policies, IMDA is also guided by the following values:

  • In reflecting societal values and community standards, media regulation must continue to uphold values that the community holds dear.
  • In balancing commercial and public interests, a careful balance must be struck to ensure that industry interests are not unduly compromised against the regulatory objectives of safeguarding consumer and public interests.

Regulatory Approach

IMDA’s content regulatory approach aims to reflect community standards while providing more choices for adults and protecting the young. The general principle is that services with higher reach and impact should be subjected to more stringent content regulatory requirements. Today, the industry is guided by various medium-specific content codes and classification guidelines set by IMDA.

Encouraging Co-regulation

With the proliferation of media content and delivery platforms, co-regulation with the industry is important. The industry is encouraged to be socially responsible and to take adequate steps to ensure that content meets with community standards. This partnership with the industry enables IMDA to be responsive to both public and industry needs.

In addition to working closing with the industry to ensure compliance of the codes, IMDA also relies on public feedback on possible breaches to the programme codes and content guidelines. Should members of the public come across objectionable content on radio, television, videos or publications, they are encouraged to highlight these to IMDA for investigation through IMDA's feedback channel.

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