In compliance with our regulations, IMDA, together with ITSC’s IoT Technical Committee, has developed a suite of IoT standards published as Technical References(TRs) for IoT and sensor networks. IMDA developed these TR’s to address the absence of any coherent sensor networks or IoT standards, with a focus on interface interoperability. While there are no lack of IoT-related standards or interoperable sensor network systems and services globally, there is a lack of a blueprint on how various disparate standards can be combined to enable an eco-system of interoperable sensor network devices and systems. These TRs focus on open standard interfaces between the devices and systems, and should help to reduce cost of deploying, operating and maintaining sensor applications.

Available Standards

TR 38 : 2014 Sensor network for smart nation (public areas)

This Technical Reference guides the communication and application interface standards and regulations by IMDA for the development and deployment of the sensor network(s) for public areas in Singapore.

TR 40 : 2014 Sensor networks for Smart Nation (homes)

This Technical Reference provides the framework and a minimum set of communication and application interface standards and regulations by IMDA for the development and deployment of sensor networks for homes in Singapore.

TR 47 : 2016 IoT reference architecture for Smart Nation

This Technical Reference recommends a minimum set of coherent international or industry standards for interface interoperability of information and services that support a variety of applications across multiple industries and are suitable for deployment on a nation-wide scale.

TR 50 : 2016 IoT information and services interoperability for Smart Nation

This Technical Reference specifies a technology-independent reference architecture in support of the development of specific architectures for applications or systems for IoT or sensor networks which are interoperable with each other through a set of well-defined interfaces to achieve seamless data exchange and information use.

TR 64 : 2018 Guidelines for IoT security for smart nation

This Technical Reference introduces the foundational security concepts and terminology for Internet of Things (loT) systems and demonstrates their applications. A holistic approach for identifying and mitigating the threats and vulnerabilities of loT systems is also introduced. Guidance is provided on how to conduct threat modelling for loT. In addition, it identifies four basic loT security design principles and demonstrates their applications. Guidance is also provided on how to classify loT security requirements and their usefulness in supporting the identification of security requirements.

IMDA IoT Cyber Security Guide (2019)

This guide serves as a practical guide for enterprise users intending to deploy IoT solutions as well as for their vendors, by providing baseline recommendations, foundational concepts and checklists, focusing with focus on the security aspects for the acquisition, development, operations, and maintenance of IoT systems. It builds on the concepts introduced in ITSC TR 64: “Guidelines for IoT security for smart nation” and provides further details on the implementation of IoT security through case studies. More information about this guide can be found here.

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