IMDA generally has no objection to the height or land use proposal. For land use proposals, please note that developers or owners need to ensure that:

  1. Before carrying out any earthworks:
    1. Developers or owners are required to consult with and obtain the relevant plant maps or information from the Facilities-Based Telecommunication Licensees who may be affected. The list of such Facilities-Based Telecommunication Licensees can be obtained from the following IMDA's website:
      List of Telecommunication System Licensees to be Consulted/Notified

    2. Contractors carrying out the earthworks have to engage licensed telecommunication cable detection workers to locate existing telecommunication plant in the vicinity of the earthworks; and
    3. Notification of the earthworks must be provided to the appropriate telecommunication licensees at least 7 days in advance.

  2. In addition to paragraph 1, the developers or owners may be required to compensate the affected telecommunication licensees for the removal or relocation cost, if they require the telecommunication licensees to remove or relocate their existing installation or plant.

  3. There is no building height constraint due to microwave paths for telecommunication or broadcasting services. However, there may be telecommunication licensees or other authorities who have registered their microwave paths with URA for advanced notification of their microwave paths which may be affected by building developments. If such microwave paths are affected, URA will inform the relevant telecommunication licensees with regard to their diversion of the microwave paths. Please consult URA whether your land-use proposal will affect any registered microwave paths:

    Information & Customer Service
    Physical Planning Group
    Urban Redevelopment Authority
    45 Maxwell Road
    The URA Centre
    Singapore 069118

  4. In relation to the provision of telecommunication services to their respective properties, developers and owners are required to comply with IMDA's Code of Practice for Info-communication Facilities in Buildings ("COPIF"). The COPIF can be downloaded from the following IMDA's website:

    Code of Practice for Info-communication Facilities in Buildings (COPIF) 


(Updated as at 1 October 2016)

Last updated on: 10 May 2022

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