NetLink Trust must adhere to IMDA’s regulations when providing customised agreements to its customers. These regulations ensure that NBN customers have fair and equal access to telecommunications services, promoting competition and innovation in the industry while also protecting the interests of consumers.

NetLink Trust's Customised Agreements

List of Customised Agreements

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NetLink Management Pte Ltd (as Trustee of the NetLink Trust)

1 NetLink Management Pte Ltd (as Trustee of the NetLink Trust) & Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd
Date of submission
Co-Location Agreement (106.50KB)
22 Aug 2012
Customised Agreement - Data Center Surcharge (99.19KB)
27 Mar 2013
Customised Agreement - New Co-location Room for 3-phase AC Power Supply (56.75KB)
25 Jun 2013 
Co-Location Agreement (Tuas CO) (130.63KB)
1 Aug 2012
3 NetLink Management Pte Ltd (as trustee of the NetLink Trust) & ViewQwest Pte Ltd
Date of submission
Customised Agreement- Data Center Access (102.54KB)
2 Apr 2013
Customised Agreement - Fibre Cross Connect Installation Service (277.57KB)
18 May 2018

Model Confidentiality Agreement

When a NetCo Qualifying Person and NetLink Management Pte Ltd (as Trustee of the NetLink Trust) negotiate a Customised Agreement, they must enter into a confidentiality agreement governing the negotiation process. If they fail to agree on a confidentiality agreement within 7 days of the receipt of request for negotiation, both parties must adopt the Model Confidentiality Agreement (MCA) (28.19KB), which has been approved by IMDA.

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