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NetLink Trust’s Interconnection Offer 2023

Service providers must comply with IMDA’s regulations and the terms and conditions set out in the Interconnection Offer to ensure that they are providing reliable and efficient broadband services to consumers in Singapore.

IMDA approved NetLink Management Pte Ltd’s (as Trustee of the NetLink Trust) Interconnection Offer 2023 on 7 December 2023.

NetLink Trust’s Interconnection Offer 2023 shall take effect on 1 April 2024.

Find out about the details of the approval proceedings.

NetLink Trust’s Interconnection Offer
Main Body (439.50KB)
Schedule 1 Residential End-User Connection (496.29KB)
Schedule 2 Non-Residential End-User Connection (492.47KB)
Schedule 3 NBAP Connection (365.22KB)
Schedule 4 CO to CO Connection (287.52KB)
Schedule 5 CO to Building MDF Room Connection (302.98KB)
Schedule 6 Building MDF Room to FTTB Node Connection (300.12KB)
Schedule 7 FTTB Node to DP Connection (297.15KB)
Schedule 8 Building MDF Room to Residential Premise Connection (310.76KB)
Schedule 9 Building MDF Room to Non-Residential Premise Connection (336.95KB)
Schedule 10 CO to NBAP DP Connection (312.25KB)
Schedule 11 NBAP DP to NBAP TP Connection (311.10KB)
Schedule 12 Co-location Service (514.29KB)
Schedule 12A RL to RL Interconnection Service (175.10KB)
Schedule 12B Co-Location Supplementary Cooling Service (218.92KB)
Schedule 12C Co-Location Space & Service in new Co-Location Room (551.12KB)
Schedule 13 Patching Service (144.43KB)
Schedule 14 OSS/BSS Connection & Professional Service (522.40KB)
Schedule 15 Charges (743.32KB)
Schedule 16 Billing (106.21KB)
Schedule 17 Dispute Resolution (90.73KB)
Schedule 18 Dictionary (268.24KB)
Schedule 19 Licensing of Building Lead-In Duct Space and Access to Building Lead-In Manholes (501.11KB)
Schedule 20 Licensing of Access to Mandated Licensee Interconnection Services (545.53KB)
Schedule 21 Licensing of CSD or Duct Space and/or Access to Associated Telecom Manholes (499.37KB)

NetLink Trust’s Interconnection Offer (2017)

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