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Nucleus Connect's Interconnection Offer 2010

IDA approved Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd's (Nucleus Connect's) ICO on 6 April 2010. Nucleus Connect submitted further amendments to the ICO which were approved by IDA on 19 April 20101.

Nucleus Connect has requested, and IDA has approved, for Nucleus Connect to commence offering the following portions of its ICO to its Qualifying Persons from 6 May 2010:

  • Master Interconnection Offer Agreement;
  • Service Schedule - Co-location Service;
  • Service Schedule - Interoperability Testing (IOT) Service; and
  • Service Schedule - Patching Service.

Nucleus Connect will offer the services in the remaining schedules with effect from 31 August 2010.

Nucleus Connect has subsequently revised a number of clauses in the ICO which have been approved by IDA2.

1The details of the ICO approval proceedings can be found here.
2The list of revisions to the ICO and the reasons for the revisions can be found here (70.22KB).

Nucleus Connect's ICO
Master Interconnection Offer Agreement (369.58KB)  Updated on 9 Oct 11
General Service Terms and Conditions (171.11KB) Updated on 9 May 12
Service Schedule - Aggregation Ethernet Virtual Connection (AG-EVC) (322.03KB)
Service Schedule - Provider Backbone Ethernet Virtual Connection (PB-EVC) (295.87KB)
Service Schedule - QP-EVPL Service Port (278.49KB)
Service Schedule - IP Multicast Connection (332.24KB)
Service Schedule - E-LAN (341.75KB)
Service Schedule - L2 VPN (265.24KB) Updated on 27 Apr 11
Service Schedule - L3 VPN (337.92KB)
Service Schedule - Residential Per-End-User Connection (267.81KB)
Service Schedule - Non-residential Per-End-User Connection (204.48KB)
Service Schedule - NBAP Per-End-User Connection (322.19KB)
Service Schedule - Co-location Service (158.50KB)
Service Schedule - Interoperability Testing Service (476.30KB) Updated on 27 Apr 11
Service Schedule - L3 Virtual Routing Domain Setup Service (279.00KB)
Service Schedule - Patching Service (257.08KB)
Service Schedule - Platform Connection Service (331.72KB) Updated on 9 Oct 11

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