Frequency Allocation & Assignment

IMDA manages the frequency allocation and assignment for commercial and government spectrum usage per IMDA regulations. The radio frequency spectrum is divided into bands allocated for different types of services.

For spectrum bands recommended by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), specific channeling plans may be adopted for assignment. Assignment refers to the subdivision of the spectrum in which a licensee is permitted to use part of the spectrum assigned to operate a telecommunication network on a specific channel or group of channels at a particular location under specific conditions.

As the radio frequency spectrum is a limited resource and increasing number of wireless mobile services, international coordination of spectrum is important as a part of the spectrum allocation process.

Singapore Allocation Chart

The radio frequency spectrum is divided into frequency bands allocated to various radiocommunication services such as aeronautical, land mobile, meteorological and satellite communication services. View Chart (799.47KB).

Radio Spectrum Master Plan

The Radio Spectrum Master Plan (updating in progress) serves to inform the industry and interested parties on the availability of spectrum in the coming years, technological trends in the use of spectrum, and IMDA's policy direction and regulations with regard to spectrum allocation and re-allocation for public communication networks.

Singapore Spectrum Management Handbook

The Singapore Spectrum Management Handbook (836.93KB) serves to provide information on Spectrum Management activities, assignment policies and the application procedures for the various radio-communication services, including mobile, fixed, satellite, short-range devices, and broadcasting services.

Use of Frequencies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Short-range devices (SRDs) generally refer to low-powered radio transmitters which have a localised area of operation. These include radio-communication equipment such as wireless microphones, cordless phones, remote control devices, etc. With the increasing adoption of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or more commonly known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs and drones) for commercial and recreation uses, IMDA has published information to guide users on the safe operation of UAS in Singapore - please refer to the "Operation of UAS" for more information and to comply with IMDA regulations.