Light Fidelity (“Li-Fi”) technology


Li-Fi, also known as Light Fidelity, is an innovative light-based communication technology that operates in the visible light spectrum between 400 and 800THz. With this technology operating at the higher range of the electro-magnetic spectrum, it allows Li-Fi to deliver higher capacity throughput of up to 1Gbps while alleviating spectrum congestion issues. 

Li-Fi applications are varied as a result of its key features, such as directional lighting, intrinsic security, high data rate and integrated networking capabilities. Some of the key applications using Li-Fi technology are highlighted below: 

  1. Home and Enterprise Networking: Li-Fi networks could be deployed to complement existing networks such as mobile cellular and Wi-Fi networks and provide an additional boost in capacity; and
  2. Location-based Services: Possible advertising and navigational opportunities for businesses, where Li-Fi enabled mobile device users can receive relevant advertorial information based on their locations.

Although Li-Fi technology is still in its nascent stage and commercial Li-Fi products are limited, this technology has the potential to provide a new layer of wireless connectivity over and above the existing networks. IMDA encourages interested companies to conduct Li-Fi trials in Singapore to explore the potential applications and benefits that this technology could provide. 

Companies that are interested in conducting Li-Fi trials in Singapore may refer to IMDA’s Technical Trial (233.61KB) framework and guidelines, and online application for a trial licence can be found on this website. IMDA will waive all frequency fees for technical Li-Fi trials conducted in Singapore to further facilitate interested companies to conduct trials. 

For more information, please contact Ms Michelle Ho or Ms Sebrena Soh.