In preparation for the 2023 conference, IMDA will be organising Preparatory Working Group Meetings (“PWGMs”) to consult the industry and key stakeholders to identify and develop recommendations for key spectrum issues or areas of significant importance to Singapore. The objectives of the PWGM are as follows and the workflow process is highlighted in the figure below.

  • Identify issues and/or area of strategic interest to Singapore
  • Provide updates on related WRC-23 Agenda Items
  • Consult stakeholders and solicit Industry’s feedbacks on the key issues
  • Develop Singapore’s positions on matters related to WRC-23
  • Collaborate with Industry to prepare joint papers for submission to regional/ international forum


  • Identify key WRC-23 agenda items

  • Formation of the sub-working groups

  • Develop proposal for IMDA's consideration


  • Review proposals from sub-working groups

  • Develop national positions

  • Harmonise views with neighbouring countries

APT Preparatory Group

  • Review proposals from Administrations

  • Harmonise views within the Asia Pacific Region

  • Formulate regional position


  • Review proposals from regional groups and administration

  • Adoption of position and recommendations

  • Amendments to the Radio Regulations

If you are interested to participate in the PWGM, regional / international meetings or be included in the PWGM mailing list, please contact Mr Andy Phang or Ms Alicia Cai.

Last updated on: 06 May 2020