Get insights on how to submit geospatial data to the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) in adherence to IMDA regulations.

To enable government ministries/agencies in their planning for the best use of the underground space, taking into consideration existing and future underground structures, instead of an ad-hoc “first-come-first-serve” approach and also to ensure that underground uses are compatible with adjacent and aboveground uses, FBOs who have or will be deploying underground telecommunication infrastructure (i.e., pipelines and manholes) are required to:

  1. submit the information relating to the existing and proposed telecommunication pipelines and manholes in ESRI Shapefile (.shp) or geodatabase (.gdb) format, to IMDA on a quarterly basis, which shall be uploaded and stored by SLA in GeoSpace and/or any other 3D system platform for use by government ministries and agencies; and
  2. engage a licensed land surveyor to survey the geographical position/coordinates of the new underground pipelines and manholes, based on the Standard and Specifications for Utility Survey issued by SLA1, with absolute horizontal and vertical accuracy of ±100mm.

For the details of the above requirement, FBOs may email to

[1]You may refer to the following website for details of the Standard and Specifications for Utility Survey


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