The Subscription International Television Service Licence allows broadcast companies or broadcasters to transmit their TV services from Singapore to the region via terrestrial satellite and/or fibre.

Who is this for?

Satellite television service broadcasters that intend to:

  1. uplink their services from Singapore via uplink facility providers should first obtain the Subscription International Television Service Licence; and/or
  2. operate their own satellite uplink facilities would also need to apply for a licence to provide and operate a satellite uplink and downlink service for broadcasting purposes. Please refer to the Guidelines to Application of Satellite Uplink/Downlink Licence for Broadcasting Purposes for more information.

Licence Period and Fees

  • Licence Period: 5 years.
  • Licence Fees: S$5,000 per annum. Upon approval, the applicant will need to make the first licence fee payment to IMDA before the licence is issued.
  • Performance Bond: Upon approval, $50,000 in the form of a banker’s guarantee to IMDA is required from applicants not based in Singapore to be successfully lodged before the licence is issued. The banker’s guarantee must be issued by any of the financial institutions listed at https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/fid.

How to apply?

Apply online via GoBusiness Licensing.

Please take note of the guidelines and requirements:

  1. Guidelines for Satellite Broadcasters Uplinking from Singapore (122.13KB);
  2. Prepare and provide all required and relevant supporting documents in your online application, including:
    1. Brief background about the company, including its equity and management profile;
    2. Brief business plan, including intended operations in Singapore and targeted launch date of service;
    3. The applicant’s programming and advertising codes;
    4. URL(s)/Sample reel(s) of the programmes and programme schedules. The reel(s) should be two to three hours in length, with 15-minute excerpts of the different programmes available on the channel(s) e.g. movies, news, current affairs, talk shows, game shows, children’s variety and dramas.


Please call 1800 478 5478 or email IMDA for feedback.