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Telecommunication Cable Detection Work

Telecoms Cable Detection Work

With effect from 1 July 2000, the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has implemented a new licensing scheme for Telecommunication Cable Detection Workers. The licensing scheme will ensure that only qualified personnel is engaged to carry out cable detection work. This will help minimise damages to underground telecommunication cables, which may lead to disruption in telecommunication services.

Under the licensing scheme, a contractor carrying out earthworks within the vicinity of any telecommunication cable is required to engage a licensed cable detection worker to locate underground cables. The contractor is also required to submit a written notice to the telecommunication system licensee at least 7 days before the commencement of the earthworks and consult with the telecommunication system licensee on the necessary precautions to be taken to prevent damage to the cables.

Under the new Telecommunications (Cable Detection Workers) Regulations 2000 which came into effect on 1 July 2000, a person who wishes to apply for a Telecommunication Cable Detection Worker's Licence is required to complete a course in telecommunication cable detection work. Currently, Cambrian Academy conducts a three-day telecommunication cable locating course which provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge in locating underground cables and pipelines. Only participants who have completed the course can apply for a Cable Detection Worker's Licence.

Applicants for the telecommunication cable locating course are required to have at least one-year relevant practical experience, and one of the following qualifications: 

  1. Industrial Technician Certificate;
  2. National Technical Certificate Grade 2 issued by the Institute of Technical Education;
  3. at least 3 GCE 'O' level passes;
  4. Certificate in Pavement Construction Course;
  5. National Certificate in Construction Supervision Course.

Contractors involved in earthworks are encouraged to send their site supervisors and foremen who meet the above requirements to attend the telecommunication cable locating course conducted by the Cambrian Academy. Interested parties may apply for the course at:

Cambrian Academy
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #05-37
Vertex, Tower A
Singapore 408868
Tel  : 8686 3456
Fax : 6269 1955

Online Registration:

Applicants can apply for the licence online via GoBusiness Portal.

The licence fee for a Telecommunication Cable Detection Worker's Licence is a one time payment of $30 and is valid until cancelled or suspended.

Further details on the guidelines for notification to telecommunication system licensees of commencement and performance of earthworks and guidelines for telecommunication cable detection work are available on IMDA website.

Advisory Guidelines (177.81KB)