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Video Games

last updated 20 February 2019

​​​​​​Today’s video games are becoming more complex and graphically realistic. They are no longer confined to simple puzzle games for kids and are increasingly taking on more mature themes intended for adults or older gamers.

Recognising this trend, the Video Games Classification system was introduced in April 2008. Like film classification, games are rated by the BFC to provide more choices for adults, while at the same time protecting the young from games that are unsuitable for them. Parents can use a game’s classification rating to decide if they wish to purchase the title for their children.

For more information on IMDA’s policies and guidelines, please click here.

Singapore’s Video Games Classification system has two ratings - M18 and Age Advisory “Suitable for 16 & Above”: 

M18 (Mature 18) 

  • This is a restricted rating for consumers aged 18 and above. 
  • Video game titles under this rating are required to carry an M18 label and consumer advice (e.g. Violence & Gore) highlighting the contentious areas for which the rating was given. 
  • Age restriction has to be enforced at the point of sale. 

Age Advisory “Suitable for 16 & Above” 

  • This is an advisory rating suitable for consumers aged 16 and above. 
  • Video game titles under this rating are required to carry a label with the text “Suitable for 16 & Above”. 
  • These video game titles usually contain some controversial content and are not recommended for the young.  
  • Retailers are encouraged to exercise responsibility and not sell such titles to those below 16. 

For more details, please refer to the video games classification guidelines.

Media Classification Database

The Media Classification Database aims to provide classification information on films, video games and arts entertainment events, to help members of the public make informed choices on media consumption. To search for the classification ratings , please click here.

Distributors importing and distributing video games in Singapore are required to declare game titles to IMDA through the IMDA online system by referring to the step-by-step user guide and provide the required information guided by the online questionnaire.

Upon rating a video game title as M18, the BFC will issue certificate labels to be affixed on the front of the game box. Each label is chargeable at $0.80 each. Distributors are also required to pay a classification fee for video game titles classified as M18 ranging from $50 to $200, depending on the processing time.

For titles given the Age Advisory rating, distributors are required to print the labels themselves based on IMDA’s specifications and affix it on the game box.IMDA will also conduct random checks on the video game titles to ensure that the declarations are accurate and that the content meets the guidelines.

For controversial games, IMDA will consult the Films Consultative Panel for a decision. If the distributor is not satisfied with the decision, he may appeal to the Films Appeal Committee.

Trailers and demos of video game titles can also be shown (played) but the content should be suitable for a general audience, in accordance with the guidelines issued by IMDA and the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS).

When displaying print publicity materials, distributors should observe IMDA’s guidelines. All print publicity materials should also reflect the rating and consumer advice of the video game title, where available.