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Frameworks and Policies

last updated 03 November 2017

As an industry regulator, IMDA has put in place a number of frameworks that bring clarity to the industry as well as provide more informed choices for consumers.

These range from spectrum management that relate to telecom operators as well as media choices and protection for the young in terms of media content. The conducive and clear regulatory frameworks aim to encourage innovation and promote fair competition, while providing more consumer options.

  • Equipment Registration Framework

    This framework outlines the procedures and requirements for the registration of telecommunication equipment for sale and use in Singapore. Details are given in the document entitled "Guide for Registration of Telecommunication Equipment".Read more
  • Spectrum Management and Coordination

    Spectrum refers to the frequencies which are used by various radio-communication services. Read more
  • Numbering

    As the telecommunication industry regulator, IMDA manages the numbering resources and allocation process. The Numbering Plan provides a set of rules and guidelines for the use of numbers and codes to telecommunication service operators. This helps ensure the adequacy of telecommunication numbers for use in Singapore.Read more
  • Information Papers

    IMDA publishes information papers aimed at providing the industry and members of the public with a better understanding of the various policy and regulatory decisions as well as the infocomm guidelines and plans that will help create and sustain a vibrant infocomm environment in Singapore.Read more
  • Competition Management

    As an industry regulator, IMDA seeks to promote and preserve the competitiveness of the infocomm and media sectors in Singapore. By enforcing regulatory requirements imposed on companies operating in the industry, it prevents unfair business practices that reduce competition for consumers.Read more
  • Interconnection and Access

    Interconnection refers to the linking of communications networks to ensure that users of one communications network can access the communications networks and services of other telecommunications operators. Interconnection is necessary to promote effective competition in a multi-network, multi-operator environment.Read more
  • Nationwide Broadband Network

    NetLink Management Pte Ltd (as Trustee-Manager of the NetLink Trust) is the Network Company to design, build and operate the passive infrastructure for the Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) while Nucleus Connect is the Operating Company which will design, build and operate the active infrastructure.Read more
  • Postal

    IMDA is responsible for the administration of the Postal Services Act, which governs postal services in Singapore. Read more
  • Content Regulation

    Providing adults with more content choices while at the same time protecting the young – these are the two basic guiding principles that direct IMDA when it comes to devising content policies. In addition, media guidelines and codes of practice create greater business certainty while helping to foster stronger growth for the industries.Read more
  • Media Services

    IMDA seeks to enable and maintain fair market conduct and effective competition. Read more