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National Numbering Plan and Allocation Process

last updated 27 December 2018

The National Numbering Plan provides a set of rules and guidelines for the use and assignment of numbers to telecommunication services delivered over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the Radio Network and the Internet or other Internet Protocol (IP) based networks.

National Numbering Plan & Allocation Process

National Numbering Plan
National Numbering Plan (whole document) (Updated - 28 December 2018)
Executive Summary
The National Numbering Scheme
Level '0' and '1' Short Codes
Level '3' Numbers
Level '6' Numbers
Level '8' and '9' Numbers
'1800' Local Toll Free Service Numbers
'1900' Premium Based Service Numbers
'800' Numbers
Signalling Point Codes
Global Title
Use of 'Star' and 'Hex' Keys
Alphanumeric Telephone Keypad Standard
Other Numbering Schemes
Annex 1 - Procedure & Criteria for Assigning 3-Digit Access Codes
Annex 2 - Procedure for Assigning 4-Digit Access Codes
Annex 3A - Number Assignment for Leading Digit 0 to 1 
Annex 3B - Number Assignment for Leading Digit 2, 4 and 5
Annex 3C - Number Assignment for Leading Digit 3
Annex 3D - Number Assignment for Leading Digit 6 (Updated - 28 December 2018)
Annex 3E - Number Assignment for Leading Digit 7
Annex 3F - Number Assignment for Leading Digit 8 & 9
Annex 3G - Data Network Identification Code (DNIC)
Annex 3H - International Signalling Point Code (ISPC)
Annex 3I - National Signalling Point Code (NSPC) 
Annex 3J - Global Title (GT) 
Annex 3K - Issuer Identification Number (IIN) 
Annex 3L - Mobile Network Code (MNC) (Updated - 28 December 2018)
Annex 4 - Procedures for Bidding Special 1800/1900 Numbers
Annex 5 - Form for the transfer of '1800'/'1900' Numbers
Annex 6 - Information Required for the Application of ISPC/NSPC
Annex 7 - Procedure for the Bidding of Numbers Initiated by IMDA
Annex 8 - Procedure for the Bidding of Choice Number Levels
Annex 9 - Procedures for Allocation of Numbers to Police and Government Agency
Annex 10 - List of Abbreviations