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Spectrum Management and Coordination

last updated 20 December 2017

Spectrum refers to the frequencies which are used by various radio-communication services.

As Spectrum is a limited resource, IMDA plays an important role in the management and coordination on the planning, allocation and assignment of frequencies and ensure the efficient delivery of services such as mobile, fixed, satellite, short-range devices and broadcasting. In addition, the provision of services will be handled by Spectrum Monitoring, to analyse measurement results for better spectrum planning and to investigate on the interference cases.

Spectrum Planning

Spectrum planning processes establishes the direction and cohesion for policy formulation, supporting future steps to achieve optimal spectrum use and creating a conducive regulatory environment. With the increasing demand for spectrum, spectrum planning is required to chart the major trends and technological developments to forecast the needs of current and future uses of spectrum in Singapore. Through spectrum planning, our programmes are conceived to harness and promote technologies that will support IMDA strategic thrusts.

  • Fifth Generation Mobile Networks (“5G”)
    To encourage the industry to conduct 5G technology and service trials in Singapore, IMDA will be waiving frequency fees associated with 5G trials. These trials will provide insights on how 5G will work in a real world environment and assist IMDA in developing the necessary policies to facilitate the deployment of 5G technology in Singapore.

  • Light Fidelity (“Li-Fi”) technology
    In an effort to explore the deployment opportunities for this technology in Singapore, IMDA will be facilitating Li-Fi trials by waiving frequency fees to encourage interested companies to do so.

  • World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19)
    The forthcoming World Radiocommunication Conference will be held in 2019. IMDA has commenced our preparatory activities for this conference and will consult the industry and stakeholders through the Preparatory Working Group Meetings (PWGMs).

  • TV White Space Technology
    Since 2009, IMDA (then IDA) has established a roadmap to spearhead the development of a regulatory framework for White Spaces to promote the adoption and deployment of white space networks in Singapore.

For more information on the four programmes, please refer to the Spectrum Planning page.

Spectrum Rights Auctions and Assignments

IMDA allocates the right to use spectrum in Singapore through different methods, including auctions and assignments. The method by which different frequency bands are allocated for use is determined by the demand for the band, the potential uses of the band, and other properties of the band. View the auctions and assignments that IMDA (and then IDA) have undertaken for spectrum.

Spectrum Rights Issued

Spectrum Rights confer upon their owners the right to use specific frequency bands in Singapore, and set out the requirements and terms and conditions of use. Spectrum Rights are issued by IMDA pursuant to allocation methods such as auctions, assignments and transfers. View the list of Spectrum Rights issued.

Frequency Allocation and Assignment

IMDA manages the frequency allocation and assignment for commercial and government spectrum usage. The radio frequency spectrum is divided into bands, allocated for different type of services. For spectrum bands, recommended by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), specific channeling plans may be adopted for assignment. Assignment refers to the subdivision of the spectrum in which a licensee is permitted to use part of the spectrum assigned to operate a telecommunication network on a specific channel or group of channels at a particular location under specific conditions.

As the radio frequency spectrum is a limited resource and increasing number of wireless mobile services, international coordination of spectrum is important as a part of the spectrum allocation process.

Find out more information on the management of Frequency Allocation and Assignment.

Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum Monitoring supports the overall spectrum management effort by providing general measurement of channel and band usage, including spectrum occupancy coupled with inspection and compliance, Monitoring aids in the identification and measurement of spectrum usage, interference sources, the verification of proper technical and operational characteristics of radiated signals, detection and identification of illegal transmitters. In conclusion, spectrum monitoring provides a feed-forward information to spectrum management thus producing data on the effectiveness of spectrum management policies.

For report on Radio Frequency Interference, please direct written email to spectrum_monitoring@imda.gov.sg.