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Mutual Recognition Arrangements

last updated 03 January 2017

Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) for telecommunications conformity assessment reduces technical barriers to trade in telecommunications equipment by allowing such equipment to be tested in the exporting country and assured acceptance in the importing country with minimal further regulatory action.

What are MRAs?

MRAs are agreements stipulating the mutual recognition of conformity assessment procedures between two consenting countries. There are two phases in the MRA: 

Phase I - Mutual acceptance of test reports. E.g. Equipment tested and approved by overseas MRA partners will not require re-testing in Singapore and vice versa.

Phase II - Mutual acceptance of equipment certificates. E.g. Equipment certified by overseas MRA partners can enter directly into Singapore market without requiring local re-certification and vice versa.

Currently, the telecommunications equipment scope may include network terminal attachment and other equipment subject to telecommunications regulations, including wired and wireless equipment and terrestrial and satellite equipment, which may or may not be connected to a Public Telecommunications Network. For such equipment, the MRA covers electromagnetic compatibility ("EMC"), electrical safety as well as purely telecommunications aspects of the conformity assessment requirements.

Benefits of MRA

MRA provides an opportunity for industry and telecommunications regulatory agencies to explore opportunities for new businesses, cost savings, and efficiency gains. MRAs eliminate the need and costs of re-testing and re-certification, and shorten time-to-market for manufacturers and exporters of telecommunications equipment. Consumers will benefit from lower costs and faster delivery time. 

Who are our existing MRA Partners?

Phase I    Phase II 
Australia Hong Kong  United States
Canada Malaysia  Canada
Chinese Taipei United States  

Please refer to the Singapore Customs website for information on import, export and transhipment procedures.