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last updated 03 November 2017

As the regulator of the infocomm and media sectors in Singapore, IMDA aims to create a conducive and vibrant environment that enables the growth of businesses while protecting consumers’ interests and providing them with access to more innovative services and media choices.

IMDA monitors local and global market trends, developments and regulatory measures, while remaining technology-neutral, to ensure that current policies and regulatory frameworks are effective and relevant.

By having clear regulatory frameworks, adopting proportionate regulation and encouraging effective and sustainable competition, IMDA seeks to shape a market that benefits consumers through greater choices and the proliferation of innovative products, services and content.

Recognising the dynamic nature of the sectors, IMDA regularly reviews its policies and regulations to keep pace with technological developments as well as evolving social norms and values. The opinions, concerns and expertise of stakeholders are important, as IMDA continually engages and consults the industry and consumers when formulating new policies or reviewing existing ones.

IMDA also performs the role of a trusted steward of public values by putting in place content classification standards to help consumers make more informed media choices and to have wider access to content, while reflecting community standards, values and mores.

IMDA encourages innovation and experimentation, and believes in fostering a vibrant and competitor competitive infocomm and media industry that ultimately enhances choice, access and value to consumers and businesses.

  • Acts and Regulations

    As a statutory body, IMDA’s various roles are enshrined in the Info-communications Media Development Authority Act, passed in August 2016. Read more
  • Codes of Practice and Guidelines

    In discharging its regulatory responsibilities, IMDA has developed a series of guidelines and codes of practices for the infocomm and media sectors.Read more
  • Frameworks and Policies

    As an industry regulator, IMDA has put in place a number of frameworks that bring clarity to the industry as well as provide more informed choices for consumers.Read more
  • Licensing

    In regulating the infocomm and media sectors, IMDA seeks to create a level playing field for the various industry players and licensees, protect consumer interests and offer more media choices and safeguarding children from unsuitable content. Read more
  • International Relations

    IMDA seeks to promote Singapore's interests in infocomm media (ICM) internationally and to work with our international partners to build a conducive and pro-enterprise environment for ICM companies. IMDA also contributes back to the global community by sharing our knowledge and experience with other countries. Read more
  • Consultations

    In discharging its role, IMDA engages multiple stakeholders from the public to industry players to seek their views on a wide range of issues that impact the sector.Read more
  • Content Standards and Classification

    Read more
  • ICT Standards and Quality of Service

    Read more