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Tyk takes the crown as the first IMDA-accredited API management provider

Tyk takes the crown as the first IMDA-accredited API management provider

Tyk Technology

Tyk is delighted to announce that we have become the first API management provider to achieve the prestigious Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) accreditation in Singapore.

Our deep connection with Singapore – and the wider Asia-Pacific region – dates back many years. Singapore was where Tyk’s second office opened, back in 2017, and we have a sizeable team here, Supporting businesses, Singapore government departments and critical public infrastructure to achieve success through seamless API experiences.

Achieving IMDA accreditation highlights Tyk’s ongoing contribution to Singapore’s digital transformation and digital economy strategy. The accreditation process is designed to identify the best of the best, so it put every element of our business under the microscope, from our products to our finances to our operations. With a reputation for only accrediting true exemplars in their field, IMDA left no stone unturned – and we are delighted that Tyk passed with flying colours.

How is IMDA driving innovation in Singapore?

IMDA supports Singapore’s innovation goals, particularly the building of a growth-driving technopreneur system that fosters digital solutions with global potential and inspires the younger generation to take up the tech baton. To achieve this, the IMDA programme accredits “promising and innovative Singapore-based high-growth ICM product companies”.

Tyk is thrilled to be the first API management solutions provider to pass the stringent IMDA accreditation process. The technical assessment included functional, performance, portability and compatibility testing, a security assessment and a usability, reliability and maintainability assessment.

On the financial side, IMDA examined our business sustainability and scalability and the reliability of our financial information. IMDA also assessed our leadership and management thoroughly, along with our operations, service delivery and support in terms of people and processes.

Why is IMDA accreditation important?

James Hirst, Co-founder and COO of Tyk, led the company’s IMDA accreditation process in partnership with Tyk’s Singapore team.

IMDA seeks to identify best-in-class technology and companies through an incredibly rigorous assessment process managed by an expert team. As a result, IMDA can provide large enterprise buyers and government departments in Singapore with a robust degree of assurance regarding the solutions that accredited companies provide.

James Hirst

Co-founder and COO of Tyk

“Singapore is one of the most dynamic and thriving business hubs in the world, and we are proud to be so closely aligned with its goals and achievements in terms of technical innovation, quality and reliability. Achieving IMDA accreditation shines a light on Tyk’s deep-rooted relationship with this part of the world and signals our position as a pillar of its innovation space.”

“On a practical level, the accreditation demonstrates to businesses in the APAC region that Tyk is a home-grown business they can rely on for their own digital transformation and growth. It provides assurance as to Tyk’s core product functionalities and ability to deliver at scale.”

Of course, this is something of which Tyk’s local clients are already well aware! At Singapore-based Human Managed, Microbuilder Yip Je Sum comments: “Easy to deploy, easy to use, lightweight and really fast. The performance of Tyk is really impressive.”

Meanwhile, over at Lotte, it was Tyk’s performance-enhancing capabilities and ability to overcome technical constraints that really struck a chord.

The range of businesses that Tyk supports in Singapore highlights the versatility of the API experiences that our solutions can deliver. Media, telecoms, finance, entertainment, retail and government sectors in the region already rely on Tyk, while across the globe, we are powering everything from constellations of satellites to entire countries’ payment infrastructures.

We are excited that IMDA accreditation will enable us to continue levelling up our presence in the APAC region, with Singapore being a critical part of this, and we look forward to continuing as a cornerstone of digital growth and innovation here over the years ahead.


This article was first published on on 9 October 2023.