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SG data centre achievements in the spotlight

SG data centre achievements in the spotlight

IMDA gets an Outstanding Contribution award at the Oscars for the Data Centre Industry.

DCD Awards 2018
Senior Director Philip Seah (middle) accepted the 'Outstanding Contribution(s) to the Industry' Award on behalf of IMDA. (Photo: DCD Facebook page)
DCD Awards 2018
The DCD Awards for Asia Pacific was held during the DCD (DataCentreDynamics) South East Asia Conference.

By Lee Han Chuan

Singapore’s contributions to the data centre industry were recognised recently in the 5th DCD (DataCentreDynamics) Awards for Asia Pacific, with the Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) walking away with the coveted prize for growing the sector.

The award, recognizing ‘Outstanding Contribution(s) to the Industry’, was given to IMDA for ‘moving the data center industry forward through innovation and dedication’ and was accepted by IMDA Senior Director Mr Philip Heah on 11 September, 2018.

Said Mr Heah, “It is a honour for IMDA to be recognised for its contributions to the data center industry; and the vibrant data center industry we have here in Singapore is a collective effort amongst the various agencies as well as the industry, who have been very responsive to our programmes.”

The DCD Awards, created in 2007, seeks to recognise outstanding persons, projects and organisations in the data center industry. It is run by DCD, an international media and publishing group of companies headquartered in London, and focused on the data centre industry.

DCD Awards 2018
IMDA Senior Director Philip Heah (right) announcing the winner of the IMDA-sponsored 'Energy Efficiency Improvers Award'.

Previous winners across the globe have included Dean Nelson, Emma Fryer & TechUK (EMEA), Ed Ansett (APAC), Romonet (EMEA), Ken Brill, Roger Schmidt and Don Beaty – familiar names in the data centre community.

The entries for the six award categories were judged by an independent panel of 23 industry experts.

IMDA clinched the awards through the consistent work Singapore has put forward in establishing the Republic as a global IT and data center hub.

Data centre Initiatives by IMDA

The Awards Team noted in its citation that “IMDA has established a paradigm for how Governments can harness and facilitate local IT capabilities for positive economic impact, in particular the many initiatives that have been taken up by the nations in South East Asia, such as those related to effective energy consumption.”

Such initiatives include:

  • The Green Mark scheme for Data Centres, in which IMDA partnered with BCA to develop a scheme for performance-based rating for Data Centres. 
  • DCD Awards 2018
    The team from ST Telemedia Global Data Centre receiving the 'Energy Efficiency Improvers' Award.
  • The Green Data Centre Programme (GDCP), which aims to reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of data centres – by raising their overall energy efficiency.
  • Tropical Data Centre Proof of Concept, where IMDA, together with industry partners, are working to test the reliability and capabilities of data centres running under higher-than-usual ambient temperature and humidity conditions. 

IMDA also sponsored one of the other DCD Awards – the 'Energy Efficiency Improvers' Award, which recognises the success of any project to improve the energy efficiency of a single or group of facilities through a journey of measurement, bench-marking, analysis, recommendation and implementation to a verifiable outcome.

The winner was ST Telemedia Global Data Centre (STT GDC), a data centre provider based in Singapore. STT GDC runs over 60 data centres around the region and globe.

For more information about the winners of the 5th DCD APAC Awards, check out the DCD Awards 2018 announcement page.


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