Frozi boosts yogurt and ice cream sales with F&B solution

Frozi boosts yogurt and ice cream sales with F&B solution

frozi Though they were experts in ice cream and yogurt, the people behind Frozi were not as conversant in the technologies needed to track sales, build customer loyalty or manage inventory. As a result, the shop in Tampines found it a challenge to build up its business over time.

Since it was founded in 2013, it has been difficult to reach out to individual consumers beyond the physical store. In addition, small order purchases were not an option because there was no proper ordering system in place.

“We wanted an easy to keep track of everything while we handled the part of the business we are good at,” said Mr Rushdi Ramli, founder of Frozi. “We wanted to grow sales by knowing our customers better as well.”

Automation and convenience

The company found the answer to its problems in a SMEs Go Digital pre-approved solution, called Getzpass F&B. The easy-to-implement system utilises an Apple iPad to run a point-of-sales system, so it captures the sales in the store.

At the same time, it receives orders online as well, prompting staff at the store to prepare the frozen desserts for customers who may pick them up or have them delivered. In doing so, the system captures the daily sales numbers and keeps track of the inventory so that the company can order in new supplies as they run low.

On top of that, the solution enables users to edit and cancel orders in real time, so there is no need for customers to call and change things. A card reader that is connected enables customers to make card payment as well, so the transaction is cashless.

For Rushdi, the transformation has been impactful. One important aspect to him was the ability to capture customer information in a membership database when they place their orders online. This would be key to creating loyalty and reward programmes in the future.

Sales improve with smarter operation

With the new system in place, Frozi’s products can now be sold in small quantities all over Singapore. Consequently, it has seen 30 per cent surge in the number of orders, along with higher customer retention.

Furthermore, the accuracy and efficiency of planning and scheduling for delivery have significantly improved. The company no longer misses two or three orders per week, as in the past, when it was a challenge to plan without the insights provided by the current system.

“I’m glad the solution has made a difference,” said Rushdi. “Without it, it would be difficult to solve the problems we faced and grow our business as fast.”

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