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Partner - Josys


Contact Person: Gary Saw


Josys is the SaaS & Device Management Platform that simplifies how IT works. Their holistic approach equips IT with 360° control over their software and hardware portfolio by making it easier to visualize assets, analyze utilization trends, and automate provisioning processes that will help IT operations run more efficiently.

Josys provides customers with a real-time dashboard that blends app access, app usage, and device assignments with employee profile information to generate actionable IT intelligence. This unique approach is powered by hundreds of app and data source integrations that are built directly within the platform. Josys’s discovery engine is also able to surface shadow IT, which provides greater insight into any non-IT managed SaaS apps that are being used across an organization.

By continuously analyzing employee access and lifecycle trends across the asset portfolio, Josys is able to optimize IT spend and bolster security. Their robust reporting synthesizes usage data to mitigate redundant app deployments and reconcile license investments with actual utilization. Automated tracking breaks down IT expenses by department for better budgeting and forecasting purposes. Real-time access monitoring pinpoints role-based violations to assist IT with implementing tighter security and oversight. Additionally, device summaries proactively alert IT of hardware refresh cycles to avoid costly delays and downtime.

Josys provides out-of-the-box workflow automation capabilities that expedite employee onboarding, offboarding, and role transitions at scale. Josys makes it easy for IT managers to bulk provision app licenses, change user permissions, and ensure the appropriate role termination policies are enforced.

Josys’s asset catalog, rich analytics, and automation capabilities help organizations gain 360° control over their software and hardware portfolio by eliminating low-value tasks, exposing security blindspots, and reducing budget waste. By consolidating assets into a single dashboard, unleashing real-time monitoring, and delivering automated workflow enhancements, Josys powers a radical new approach for simplifying IT operations.


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