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Cable Modem Trial with First Batch of Service Providers

The National Computer Board (NCB) and Singapore Cable Vision Pte Ltd (SCV) signed a Memorandum of Understanding today with 15 service providers who have indicated their commitment to join the NCB-SCV cable modem trial.

Singapore, 3 December 1996 | For Immediate Release

The National Computer Board (NCB) and Singapore Cable Vision Pte Ltd (SCV) signed a Memorandum of Understanding today with 15 service providers who have indicated their commitment to join the NCB-SCV cable modem trial.

An MOU was signed in April 1996 between the NCB and SCV to trial the use of cable modem technology to deliver multimedia, interactive and on-line services through the SCV's cable network. This cable modem trial aims to ascertain the feasibility of deploying cable modems island-wide and also to study how such services enrich the lives of users.

This MOU aims to bring in an early batch of service providers to participate in this trial. The 15 service providers will put on trial a host of exciting and useful on-line services as follows:

a) Property

Home viewers will be able to have a virtual tour of properties from the comfort of their homes before their site visits. This service will be provided by Cable Media Corporation Pte Ltd.

b) Music

This is an audio-on-demand service where users will be able to select from a wide selection of high quality audio and music. The audio database is complete with text and high-quality graphics using the latest audio-streaming technologies. This service will be provided by the Radio Corporation of Singapore.

c) Movies

Access to previews of the latest trailers and sound clips will be made available by Golden Village Singapore
Pte Ltd.

d) Apparels and accessories

FJB Lifestyle Boutique will put up a wide range of merchandise for cybershoppers.

e) Bookshop

In the initial phase, cybershoppers will be able to have a virtual experience of walking into a bookshop and search for a book by subject, author or title. In the next phase, synopsis of books presented by authors, critics and well-known personalities, including video clips, will be made available. This service will be provided by CyberMart Pte Ltd.

f) Watches

Users can access the latest information on watches marketed by The Hour Glass Ltd worldwide. It incorporates a search engine tool that allows users to extract information from their database. Customers are also allowed to reserve models of watches through the Internet.

g) Insurance

Interactive service for the renewal of policies or signing up of other standard insurance products will be provided by NTUC INCOME.

h) Groceries

Cybershoppers can get their grocery supplies through NTUC Fairprice's on-line grocery service.

i) Travel

Planning of itineraries and holidays will be made more convenient and easy with an interactive travel booking service. Prospective travellers would be treated with a simulated walk through of their tour to help them plan their holidays. On-line travel, tour booking services will be provided by Abacus Distribution Systems Pte Ltd, Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd and Ken-Air Tours Pte Ltd.

j) "Virtual Shop"

This virtual mall, developed exclusively for Metro, incorporates many user-friendly features such as searchable databases, virtual shopping bag and secure transaction made available by Edge Consultants Pte Ltd.

k) MediaCity

Television Corporation of Singapore's MediaCity will offer on-demand video segments ranging from news
& current affairs to entertainment & education.

l) Arts and Entertainment

Sembawang Media will provide broadband consumer on-line services such as Happening! and ONAC (On-line National Arts Calendar) which feature audio and video clips of events and performances.

m) Banking

Overseas Union Bank Ltd will make available banking transactions from home.

The trial will begin in January 1997 and involve 100 HDB households that have been wired with the SCV's cable network. A major feature of the trial is the provision for electronic commerce. Users will be able to shop for goods and services, execute orders and purchases and perform secure transactions and payment on-line sometime in mid-1997.

This trial will become part of the effort to pilot services on Singapore ONE when the first phase of the Singapore ONE broadband infrastructure is ready next year. It will be enlarged to about 5,000 users by end 1997.

"This new medium presents exciting opportunities for both businesses and end users. This early batch of 15 service providers would help establish the viability of doing business in the digital world. The NCB and SCV will continue to promote the trial to other service providers in the coming months. I would like to invite other industry players to come on board the trial to experiment and exploit this emerging and exciting cable infrastructure," said Mr Stephen Yeo, Chief Executive of the NCB.

Using cable modems, home users with personal computers can access Internet and other multimedia, on-line services at up to 300 times faster than standard phone-line modems. Dr Daniel Goh, President of SCV said, "With the quantum improvement in the transmission speed of information, businesses and institutions can now enjoy new revenue streams by enhancing customer relations and loyalty through increased market research and greater ability to match customers' changing lifestyle needs. In addition, businesses will be able to exploit the time and cost efficiencies of this new way of doing business."