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Singapore IT Companies Partner IT MNCs to Develop More Than 40 Software Products

Forty one locally-developed software products were unveiled today at the first-ever IT Local Industry Upgrading Programme (IT LIUP) Conference & Exhibition '99. Organised by the National Computer Board (NCB) together with ...

Singapore, 18 May 1999 | For Immediate Release

1. Forty one locally-developed software products were unveiled today at the first-ever IT Local Industry Upgrading Programme (IT LIUP) Conference & Exhibition '99. Organised by the National Computer Board (NCB) together with eight leading IT multinational corporations (MNCs), the event is a showcase of the success of IT LIUP, which fosters win-win partnerships between IT MNCs and local companies to accelerate the growth of Singapore's IT industry.

2. The IT LIUP, initiated by the NCB in 1996, aims to accelerate the development of a vibrant local IT industry by cultivating stronger ties and collaborations between local IT companies and IT MNCs. Under the programme, local IT LIUP partners can leverage on the MNCs' technological expertise to upgrade their product development capabilities; and tap on the MNCs' worldwide marketing channels to penetrate the global market. IT LIUP MNCs, on the other hand, can draw upon Singapore's extensive pool of IT developers to gain better insights into the diverse Asia-Pacific marketplace and further establish their market presence with more local products using their technologies.

3. "IT LIUP is not about just transferring knowledge from one organisation to another. It is about sharing, learning and developing new business opportunities together. It is a win-win relationship," said Mr Michael Yap, Chief Executive, NCB.

4. Apple, BMC Software, Macromedia, Microsoft and Oracle have joined IT LIUP since 1996. They have collaborated with 62 local IT LIUP partners who collectively employ more than 1,100 IT professionals. Since its inception, the IT LIUP has generated more than 40 products and services. Affirming their confidence in the programme, the five IT LIUP MNCs will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NCB today to extend their participation in IT LIUP for another two years.

5. Three new IT MNCs, namely ILOG, Lotus and Sun Microsystems, will also sign MOUs with the NCB today to officially join the programme.

6. Over the next two years, the NCB plans to increase the number of IT LIUP MNCs from the current eight to 20, with each tying up with a group of 10 to 12 local IT LIUP partners. As product ownership and regional market expansion are key to making Singapore the product development and services hub for the region, the NCB aims to have 150 local IT companies, or 15% of total IT firms in Singapore, nurtured under IT LIUP by 2001.

Highlights of the Conference & Exhibition

7. The IT LIUP conference brings together participating IT LIUP MNCs to present their case-studies on the benefits of the programme. The conference also features four parallel tracks where 37 local IT LIUP partners will present their new products and services. These products and services cross a wide spectrum of vertical sectors, including healthcare, banking, education and logistics, and will be on show at the IT LIUP exhibition. The latest technologies from the respective MNCs will also be on show.

About the National Computer Board

The National Computer Board is the Information Technology (IT) authority in Singapore. It spearheads the realisation of IT2000, a masterplan that seeks to transform Singapore into an Intelligent Island, where IT is pervasive in every aspect of the society - at home, work and play.

Products That Have Been Developed and Marketed Internationally Through IT LIUP:

CALive - Ednovation
IT LIUP Partner - Sun Microsystems

CAlive is a series of 90 CD-ROMs for primary school students based on the Singapore Ministry of Education syllabus. CAlive comprehensively matches the primary school textbooks on a unit-to- unit basis. CAlive is on the Ministry of Education's Recommended Software List. Using multimedia technology, CAlive makes learning and revision lively and enjoyable. CAlive is available for Primary 1 to 6 for the subjects 'English', 'Chinese' and 'Mathematics'.

Apple is an important player in the education market, CAlive is designed to run cross-platform including on the exciting iMac.

Catseye -- Eutech Cybernetics Pte Ltd
IT LIUP Partner - Microsoft

In 1994, Eutech Cybernetics embarked on a major R&D programme to develop an agent-based approach to real-time monitoring and control. What emerged from this initiative was Catseye. Catseye exploits the idea of a Personal Agent that enables users to manage applications sitting anywhere in the network in real-time. Catseye Personal Agents leverage on the Microsoft Component Object Model ( COM ) and ActiveX standards. It runs on Windows NT and 95 operating environments.

Catseye could be considered to be a platform as well as a development tool. Among the capabilities of Catseye is its ability to integrate and manage disparate applications sitting on different networks, regardless of the type of application. However, what really sets the Catseye Personal Agent paradigm apart is in the way it brings the actual integration of network-centric applications under the control of the user.

The Personal Agent approach simplifies the design and implementation of building management systems. It greatly improves traditional integration schemes using traditional client-server supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) designs.

The potential of Catseye in implementing IBMS applications has generated interest among major companies in the field such as Eutech is pursuing global licensing opportunities with many of these companies.

Chinese New Year Web Site -- Pandora Interactive Studios Pte Ltd
IT LIUP Partner - Macromedia

Pandora Interactive Studios designed a unique Chinese New Year web site. The site allows web surfers to look up their future based on the Chinese zodiac, send electronic greeting cards and check out Chinese New Year attractions via an interactive on-line guide.

The unique and innovative site was based on Flash Generator and Flash 3 - from US based Macromedia, Inc., Pandora's IT LIUP Partner. The popular site enables users to process personal particulars and generate information relating to their zodiac sign. Aside from being popular, the sight also won numerous awards, including The Macromedia Site of the Day Award, First Prize in The Singapore Designer's Showcase Award in the Web Category, and the Apple Design Competition '98 Award (Macromedia design).

Pandora Interactive is a two-year old start-up set up by five local students in April of 1996. The company has grown to 18 full-time employees, and last year grossed S$1 million in revenues, up 80 per cent over the previous year, with a 40 per cent gross profit.

Copernicus Hospital Network Information System -- Eutech Cybernetics Pte Ltd
IT LIUP Partner - Oracle

Copernicus Hospital Network Information System (HNIS) combines the benefits of a hospital administrative system, physician support system, decision support system and clinical pathway system. Copernicus goes beyond improving business processes by modeling healthcare services around the patient.

Today, patients and caregivers require better quality of care and higher service levels. This has resulted in a need for a system that is both efficient and patient- centric. Copernicus HNIS manages both the operational aspects of a hospital and the care-plan of the patient. For example, at the point-of-care in any of the treatment centres, a patient's electronic medical record is readily available and the information flows from this unit to the other treatment units, such as, pharmacies, radiology, etc. Administrative events such as billing; admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) and scheduling remain in the background, whilst the care services offered to the patient remain at the forefront.

Additionally, to facilitate the concept of care-plans and clinical pathways, Copernicus HNIS provides linkages to a myriad of partners that support the patient's lifetime care-plan. Copernicus architecture links homes, corporations and affiliated healthcare facilities. The hospital is not merely a treatment centre but serves as the primary provider of healthcare with secondary linkages to supporting centres. This results in better quality of care at lower cost and ensures continued support for the patient.

Enet -- SR Singapore
IT LIUP Partner - Oracle

ENet is a fully secured Internet-based online electronic delivery channel for banks, which can provide the bank's corporate clients with convenient and secure access to their banking information over Internet.

The main components of ENet are the front-end element and the back-end module. The front-end element of ENet is a browser-based system providing the user interface to clients and the back-end module interacts with the ENet database and the bank's core systems. E-Net allows multi-branch connectivity and also allows banks with heterogeneous core systems across branches to serve the clients simultaneously.

ENet is based on Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and provides digital certificates and signatures for complete security. ENet also incorporates multiple access and authorisation levels and ActiveCard Technology for remote authorisation.

ENet supports various banking standards, such as SWIFT and can also support the bank's own internal standards. ENet offers an Intelligent Data Mapper (IDM) to convert data to and from other formats and reduce the implementation time.

ENet is designed using the state-of-the-art "thin-client" Browser & Servlet technology and uses Java, JavaScript and HTML. ENet is independent of Hardware, Software and databases and runs under either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

Global Logistics Distribution and Planning System -- Information Fusion Pte Ltd
IT LIUP Partner - Oracle

The art of logistics management demands up-to-the-minute information and full control of their entire range of goods and inventories, stored across borders, in a multitude of locations. The Global Logistics Distribution Planning System (GDPS) is an extranet-based system to help enable companies to gain their requisite control, and provide the necessary information and tools to exert the control. In other words, GDPS aims to be the Command, Control and Communication (C3) system for global logistics. GDPS uses the whole array of Oracle solutions - Oracle 8I RDBMS, Developer, Designer, Discoverer, Developer Server and Application Server.

Logistics/2000 -- IPACS Computer Services (S) Pte Ltd
IT LIUP Partner - Oracle

Logistics/2000 is a family of system applications designed specifically to meet the challenge of door-to-door service required by the supply chain. Using the state-of-the-art technology, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Data Warehousing (or Executive Information System, EIS), Logistics/2000 enables freight forwarders to manage their business effectively.

Logistics/2000 is modular in approach with the flexibility of fully integrated Air and Sea freight forwarding, financial management, e-tracking and interface to external warehousing and distribution systems that would enhance freight forwarders relationship with their customers. With this new system, the freight forwarder is able to monitor the orders placed/received by their customers, make necessary freight arrangements and clearance, and manage customers' inventory levels in a paperless environment. Communication technologies such as EDI and the Internet will be tapped to allow the exchange of information between freight forwarders, carriers and their customers.

MiDisaurus -- Double Click
IT LIUP Partner - Apple

MiDisaurus is an innovative new multimedia software for music education targeting children aged between six and twelve years. Developed by a Singapore company that started in 1995, MidiSaurus was voted one of the top 10 software at the Music Educators National Conference in the US last year.

Double Click has worked closely with Apple on the development of this product. The company relied on Apple for technological updates and product developments. Through the partnership, MiDiSaurus has become the leading music curriculum software in Singapore's primary schools.

The win-win partnership is exemplified in the overwhelmingly positive global response to MiDisauruas. Apple was able to help Double Click's dynamic software move into larger markets and tie up with current business partners such as McGraw Hill Publishing in the US. The next target market for Apple and Double Click is China.

PATROL Administrator CBT -- Peripheral Connections
IT LIUP Partner - BMC Software

The PATROL Administrator course is essential for administrators who want to deploy PATROL to monitor the performance and availability of their computer system environments. The instructor-led class normally takes 4 days. With the availability of multimedia CBT on a CD, administrators can now learn the course at their own pace and time. The learning process for subjects like PATROL Administrator are facilitated by means of interesting animations and software simulations.

The PATROL Administrator CBT is mapped against the materials used in the 4-day instructor-led classroom sessions for PATROL Administrator UNIX version 3.2. This course uses the "discovery" methodology to ensure that students are able to understand the content. It is highly interactive and is self-paced, allowing students to go through the course in a manner most suited to them. Training is therefore administered "just in time, as and when needed."

The entire course takes about 8 to 9 hours to complete. The CBT consists of 10 units with an Introduction unit at the beginning and an assessment unit at the end of the course. The students are at liberty to take any unit at any time.

The graphical user interface for this course makes it easy to use. With clear navigation buttons assigned, students can easily and conveniently navigate to review and learn each unit and sub-sections of the course. Additionally, students can find out about their progress with the click of the "Coursemap" button. Here, they can find out whether they have completed each unit and/or sections of the course.

The administration system registers users with their own ID. The bookmark facility ensures that students return to the exact same screens where they last left off. Users can also bookmark specific topics that they can return to with a simple click. In this way, the content can be structured to train a specific group of users.

The last unit of the course is the assessment unit. Students prepare themselves for the certification exams for which they can enroll through CertiSource.