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Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme (Infocomm) Facilitator Scheme

Further to the launch of the Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme (SMCP) for the infocomm sector on 26 April 2000, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) are pleased to announce the SMCP (Infocomm) Facilitator Scheme...

Singapore, 17 October 2000 | For Immediate Release

Further to the launch of the Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme (SMCP) for the infocomm sector on 26 April 2000, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) are pleased to announce the SMCP (Infocomm) Facilitator Scheme which will make available, through appointed facilitators, the conversion programme to individuals.

Good Response from Individuals

This move is in response to the numerous enquiries received by MOM and IDA from individuals. Close to 300 individuals had expressed interest in participating in the SMCP (Infocomm) since it was launched in April this year. The SMCP (Infocomm) is an employer-based programme which incentivises the employers to send their existing staff for conversion, or to recruit new staffs who are not infocomm trained, enrol them in conversion courses and subsequently deploy them to infocomm jobs within the organisations. Individuals are unable to tap on the programme.

"The infocomm sector is a key growth sector with rising manpower needs. At the same time, there is high demand for infocomm professionals across many other industries. MOM therefore sees the need to create additional avenues to expand the infocomm talent pool. This is the reason behind the introduction of the facilitator scheme, which will complement the existing employer-based SMCP (Infocomm). The new scheme will help self-driven individuals take the initiative to embark on a new career in this promising industry," said Mr Henry Heng, Divisional Director (Manpower Development), MOM. Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive (Online Development), IDA, said "Through this facilitator scheme, IDA hopes that this interested pool of individuals and many others would develop their skills to take up a career in infocomm, helping us meet the anticipated increase in manpower demands for the sector."

SMCP (Infocomm)

Currently, some 60 employers with a corresponding 100 trainees are participating in the SMCP (Infocomm). Their employees are undergoing "conversion" training to take on infocomm jobs in areas such as programming, systems analysis, consultancy, networking, database administration, etc.

The infocomm sector was selected for the pilot SMCP due to the strong demand for infocomm manpower, especially with the growth in e-businesses. According to IDA, demand for infocomm manpower is projected to grow at 10-12% per annum. By the year 2010, some 250,000 infocomm workers will be needed. This is more than two-and-a-half times the current infocomm manpower of 93,000 being employed across all industries.

How the Facilitator Scheme Works

MOM and IDA have appointed the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) as the key facilitator to administer the scheme. As a national IT professional body, SCS can provide SCS-registered trainees with a wider contact for job placements. The other three facilitators - Interim Technology Education (S) Pte Ltd, New Horizons Learning Center and Global Knowledge Network (S) Pte Ltd. - are training providers whose courses have been endorsed under the main SMCP (Infocomm). More facilitators could be introduced in the future.

The appointed facilitators will independently offer and manage the SMCP facilitator scheme under the purview of MOM and IDA. The details of the scheme are as follows:

Interested individuals can approach the facilitator directly to sign up and undergo the type of conversion training provided. The facilitator will screen interested individuals based on their aptitude for conversion and their chances of securing an infocomm job after conversion. Individuals who select SCS as their facilitator would also have to ensure their eligibility for undertaking conversion course with the respective training providers before registering with SCS. A registration fee may be charged depending on the facilitator.

b. Successful individuals will undergo the conversion course. They will pay for part or full of the course fees up-front, depending on the facilitators they choose (See following Table).

Facilitator Courses % of Course Fee Paid Up-Front by Trainee
Singapore Computer Society

All endorsed SMCP Courses offered by Training Providers Latest updates, visit the SMCP webpage


Global Knowledge Network (S) Pte Ltd

Endorsed SMCP Courses offered by Global Knowledge


Interim Technology Education (S) Pte Ltd

Endorsed SMCP Courses offered by Interim Technology


New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Endorsed SMCP Courses offered by New Horizons


c. Upon completion of their course, individuals will be assisted in their job search by their facilitators. If they are successfully employed in an infocomm job within three months of completion of their course, they can claim for reimbursement of 30% of the initial amount that they had paid up-front (or $4,000 whichever is lower).

d. Individuals who are unable to find an infocomm job within three months of completion of their course will not receive any reimbursement.

e. No training allowance will be given.

Eligibility Criteria for Individuals

The basic eligibility criteria for participation in the facilitator scheme are as follows:


a. Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident.

b. Does not have a degree or diploma in an infocomm area (eg. degree in Computer Science).

c. Has not been infocomm trained and not holding an infocomm job at the point of application.

d. Has not received any previous financial support under the SMCP.


a. Training must not have commenced at the time of application.

b. Training can be on either part-time or full-time basis.

c. The training course should not be shorter than three months or longer than 12 months.

d. The training course curriculum must be approved by IDA.

9. Individuals interested in the facilitator scheme can contact the respective facilitators as follows:

Contact Details

Singapore Computer Society
53/53A Neil Road
Singapore 088891
Ms Nancy Lee, Tel: 6226 2567 Ext 13
Ms Jane Chan, Tel: 6226 2567 Ext 15
Fax: 6226 2569

Interim Technology Education (S) Pte Ltd
190 Changi Road #03-03
Singapore 419974
Ms Jessie Chan, Tel: 6247 8378 Ext 123
Ms Elizabeth Lee, Tel: 6247 8378 Ext 121
Fax: 6247 8206

Global Knowledge Network (S) Pte Ltd
9 Temasek Boulevard #26-02
Suntec Tower Two
Singapore 038989
Steven Ho, Tel: 6432 4638
Simon Chia, Tel: 6432 4608
Fax: 6332 1497

New Horizons Computer Learning Center
No 7 Temasek Boulevard
#09-02 Suntec Tower One
Singapore 038987
Patrick Tang, Tel: 6333 9118 Ext 129
Simon Chen, Tel: 6333 9118 Ext 106
Fax: 6336 9118

The SMCP is a key Manpower 21 recommendation aimed at training and channeling Singaporean workers to key growth sectors in the economy. It is funded through MOM's Manpower Development Assistance Scheme.


For media queries, please contact:

Mr Adrian Heok
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications
Ministry Of Manpower
Tel: (65) 6539 5685

Ms Dulcie Chan
Manager, Corporate Communications
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Tel: (65) 6211 1999

Ms Jennifer Toh
Manager, Corporate Communication
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Tel: (65) 6211-0508
Fax: (65) 6211-2227