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IDA and NIIT Collaborate on International Talent Sourcing for Companies in Singapore

Singapore aims to bring in 1,000 qualified infocomm talents from NIIT's global training centres in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia for employment within a year. This was a major initiative announced by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and NIIT Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (NIIT). This is one of IDA's...

Singapore, 27 August 2000 | For Immediate Release

Singapore aims to bring in 1,000 qualified infocomm talents from NIIT's global training centres in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia for employment within a year. This was a major initiative announced by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and NIIT Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (NIIT). This is one of IDA's many efforts to help source high quality infocomm talents from overseas to assist companies' recruitment for their critical infocomm manpower needs.

In the new economy today, many high growth sectors face significant shortages in infocomm manpower. This includes manpower shortages in the infocomm industry, as well as in other traditional sectors of the economy, where rapid digital transformation has led to a surge in demand for skilled infocomm manpower as companies exploit technology to gain a competitive advantage. The growth in infocomm manpower in Singapore averages 10% over the next two years and this translates to a need for 10,000 infocomm manpower every year. By the year 2010, some 250,000 infocomm manpower will be needed. Tie-ups similar to the IDA-NIIT collaboration will facilitate and enhance the value in the companies' search for infocomm workforce to supplement the pool of talents in Singapore to meet the ever-growing demand by the industry.

The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in New Delhi, India recognises the availability of a large number of talented infocomm persons in this sub-continent. Like the rest of the world, Singapore welcomes Indian infocomm talents to enhance our infocomm industry. Singapore possesses many positive attributes that should attract Indians and other nationals to come and work here. One of the many attributes include Singapore's robust economy and a growing infocomm industry with many varied job opportunities, especially in critical infocomm areas such as Electronic Commerce, Interactive Broadband Multimedia, Infocomm Convergence and Knowledge Management. In addition, Singapore being a multicultural nation and situated in Southeast Asia has a large number of Indians and as such share similar cultural traits. Furthermore, Singapore has low taxation, high quality of education and a good infrastructure1.

Relating to the MOU signing in India, Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive, Online Development, IDA said, "In order to meet the shortage of skilled infocomm talents, IDA forges strategic alliances with industry partners, such as NIIT, to attract infocomm talents to Singapore. Other than augmenting the pool of local talents we already have in Singapore, we believe that the presence of international talents will contribute to the vibrancy of our infocomm industry. As talents form the backbone of any knowledge-based economy, this collaboration with NIIT to bring about 1,000 infocomm talents to Singapore will contribute to our goal of establishing Singapore as an infocomm hub and vital node in the global infocomm network. We also believe that given Singapore's proximity and cultural similarity with India, many Indian talents who decide to come to work in Singapore will find the country a pleasant place to live in as well. We are now in the process of finalising other proposals to help companies attract and recruit more talented infocomm personnel from around the world."

Mr Suren Singh Rasaily, Senior Vice President and Head of NIIT's Education & Training Business said, "NIIT, a global e-Business and Knowledge Management corporation, has a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region in both software and learning solutions. NIIT, a leading Knowledge corporation, effectively utilises the synergy between its Education & Training and Software Solutions businesses by staffing its software projects by the products of its education & training programs. The Software Solutions expertise is in turn utilised in developing and deploying state-of-the-art e-Learning solutions. We are now uniquely positioned to replicate this synergy on a larger scale by placing trained and experienced NIIT students with Singapore companies. This strategic partnership between IDA and NIIT again reinforces our commitment to the Singapore market, where NIIT is a major provider of software and learning solutions to key government and private organizations."


Notes to Editor:

1 Contact Singapore is an information and resource centre linking people to career and educational opportunities available in Singapore. Contact Singapore has an international network of centres in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and Asia.


Companies interested to employ international talents can give their specifications and requirements of the infocomm talents that they would like to recruit to NIIT. In turn, NIIT will tap from their large base of alumni and current trainees and help these companies bring suitable talents to Singapore. One plus factor of this search is that NIIT already possess the training record and hence the ability to pre-screen these infocomm trainees so as to meet the companies' requirements. Moreover, many of these trainees would have obtained some infocomm training to upgrade their infocomm skills or convert from a non-infocomm profession to an infocomm career. IDA can also help to pre-screen the talents' CVs so that the interested recruiting companies can be assured to a large extent that the incoming talents should be qualified to obtain an Employment Pass.

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