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IDA Seeks the Views from the Industry and the Public on Two New Consultation Papers

The Info-comm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has released two consultation papers today to invite views from the industry and members of the public on two issues which the IDA is currently studying. The first paper on the "Accounting Separation and Publication of Financial Information for Telecommunication...

Singapore, 16 Februrary 2000 | For Immediate Release

The Info-comm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has released two consultation papers today to invite views from the industry and members of the public on two issues which the IDA is currently studying. The first paper on the "Accounting Separation and Publication of Financial Information for Telecommunication Operators" seeks views on the types and level of financial accounting information telecommunication operators should disclose. The second paper on the "Proposed Approach to Fixed-Wireless Broadband Network Deployment and Service Provisioning in Singapore" seeks comments on an appropriate licensing framework for fixed-wireless broadband technologies for the provision of Interactive Broadband Multimedia (IBBMM) services in Singapore.

The issuance of the consultation papers are part of IDA's ongoing efforts to provide a platform for industry members to share their views on the latest trends and technology developments, as well as to provide feedback on various policy and regulatory issues. Prior to this, there were two earlier consultation papers released in October 1999 seeking views on Third Generation (3G) cellular services and Fixed-Mobile Interconnection regime.

For the Accounting Separation and Financial Information consultation paper, IDA is seeking views on the proposals and issues with regard to the following:

a) whether the publication/disclosure of financial information will contribute to greater transparency and raise industry confidence that there are no anti-competitive practices;

b) the type of financial or accounting information, and the level of details, that should be published and the rationale for this;

c) whether the Accounting Documents and Manuals which documents the detailed principles and methodology used in preparing the accounts be disclosed, and the reasons for doing so; and

d) the manner and medium such information should be disclosed.

In the consultation paper on Fixed-Wireless Broadband networks and services, IDA would like to invite the views and comments of the industry and members of the public on the following issues and proposals raised in the consultation paper, including the difficulties and problems of fixed-wireless broadband network deployment and suggestions on how these issues can best be addressed by parties concerned, including relevant government agencies:

a) the potential of and benefits arising from the deployment of fixed-wireless broadband network, the likely services/applications to be deployed and the potential demand from business and consumers;

b) the possible uses for the fixed-wireless broadband technology, and how the competing demands for the spectrum should be managed, including the allocation process, the timing of the process and criteria to be used. IDA also seeks comments on whether there are interconnection and access issues that may pose problems to achieving IDA's objective of transparent and seamless interconnection and open access; and how these may be practically and realistically addressed. IDA further seeks comments on the type and level of Quality of Service (QOS) standards, both network and customer QOS standards, that would be appropriate to benchmark the quality of the network and services deployed;

c) the amount of spectrum that should be made available for terrestrial fixed-wireless broadband and satellite services, including the timing for review of spectrum reservation and allocation, where appropriate;

d) the optimal amount of spectrum to be allocated to each operator, including the detailed assumptions/basis/calculations used to derive the proposed spectrum bandwidth, and the timing of allocation where appropriate. IDA also seeks comments on the optimal number of operators that can be licensed, bearing in mind the growth of the broadband market in Singapore;

e) the most appropriate licensing and spectrum allocation approach to adopt. Views are also sought on whether spectrum should be assigned in a phased manner or allocated fully to the operator at the grant of licence. Also whether there should there be a separate component for licence fees payable in addition to spectrum fees payable;

f) whether the spectrum band proposed in the consultation paper should be reserved primarily for IBBMM services or whether they should be assigned for broadcasters' usage;

g) the appropriate licence duration for the provision of fixed-wireless broadband services;

h) the timeframe for award of licence as well as the time needed by the operators to roll-out their networks and offer commercial services to the public;

i) how the issues of rain attenuation and compliance with QOS standards would be addressed; and

j) how operators plan to install their own internal wiring, the potential difficulties faced and the cost of doing so. IDA also seeks comments on how these difficulties can be practically and realistically addressed by potential operators and how IDA can facilitate the installation

IDA will allow trials in the interim period for parties who are interested to test fixed-wireless broadband technology and operational aspects of fixed-wireless broadband installation. Currently, IDA had already granted approval for Local Multipoint Distribution Services (LMDS) trials to three companies. They are Keppel Communications Pte Ltd, Pacific Internet Ltd and 1-Net Pte Ltd. The trials are subject to certain IDA terms, including the condition that the trials must not be taken as any indication of licence approval from IDA to provide any public or commercial service in future, and that the trials must be concluded by 31 July 2000. The trial applicants will be required to apply separately to IDA for the necessary licence(s) for the provision of commercial LMDS services at the appropriate time.

All views and comments should be submitted in writing to reach the IDA on or before 31 March 2000. IDA will consider the inputs by the industry and the members of the public and make its policy decisions thereafter. IDA targets to announce its policy decision on the matters raised in these papers, taking into account the views and comments received, by the second quarter of this year.

Copies of the consultation papers may be downloaded from the "Policy & Regulation" section of IDA website at


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