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E-Volunteerism as part of National Strategy to Build E-Inclusion

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) reiterated its commitment to empower Singaporeans through e-Volunteerism at the first anniversary celebrations of its e-Ambassador programme today. 2. A marriage of Infocomm technology and the spirit of volunteerism, the e-Ambassador programme...

Singapore, 7 September 2001 | For Immediate Release

E-Ambassadors Hailed as Catalysts to Promote an E-Lifestyle at First Anniversary Celebrations

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) reiterated its commitment to empower Singaporeans through e-Volunteerism at the first anniversary celebrations of its e-Ambassador programme today.

A marriage of Infocomm technology and the spirit of volunteerism, the e-Ambassador programme will be embracing a new theme "Empowering People Through e-Volunteerism" to drive volunteerism in the new economy to greater heights.

Ms Pam Hu, Director of e-Lifestyle Marketing, Online Development, IDA, said, "We see e-Ambassadors acting as catalysts to help empower other Singaporeans to discover their potential through living an e-lifestyle. This is in line with our national goal to build an e-inclusive society where every Singaporean has the responsibility to help others adopt infocomm technology so that everyone, regardless of age, language, social background or ability, will be able to reap the benefits of an e-lifestyle."

Since its launch 12 months ago, the e-Ambassador programme has grown significantly in terms of membership and activities. The number of e-Ambassadors has grown from 200 to 800, and the number of Lead Agencies has almost doubled from 10 to 19.

People's Association has also joined as a new supporting organisation to actively promote the e-Ambassador programme to its community organisations.

Besides reaching out to the uninitiated, the programme will also empower the e-Ambassadors and Lead Agencies through new initiatives to make e-Volunteerism more rewarding for all participants.

As part of IDA's ongoing efforts to improve its volunteer programme management, it recently launched a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help the Lead Agencies track the progress made by the e-Ambassadors. The CRM system will also streamline the administration and management processes of the e-Ambassadors programme.

Ms Hu said, "The CRM system will be an effective mechanism to evaluate, monitor and review e-Ambassador volunteer programmes. IDA believes the system will increase our Lead Agencies' productivity and create greater satisfaction for e-Ambassadors."

During the first anniversary celebrations, Lead Agencies and e-Ambassadors who have made significant contributions to the programme were formally recognised at the inaugural Outstanding Lead Agency and Outstanding e-Ambassador Awards ceremony.

The awards recipients are:

Outstanding Lead Agency Award

- Central Singapore Community Development Council
- Youth Guidance

Outstanding e-Ambassador Award

- Mdm Kamariah Ali, Age 43, Homemaker (nominated by Association of Muslim Professionals [AMP])
- Mr William Tan Lan Hum, Age 47, Professional (nominated by Central Singapore Community Development Council)
- Mr Peter Tan San Leong, Age 71, Retiree (nominated by Retired Senior & Volunteer Programme)
- Mr Sreeganesh Satgunanathan, Age 18, Student (nominated by Singapore Scouts Association)
- Ms Esther Pung, Age 57, (nominated by Singapore Council of Women's Organizations)
- Miss Yin Pei Yun, Age 25, Profession (nominated by Youth Guidance)
- Miss Shaneza Bte Jaafar, Age 21, Student (nominated by Yayasan Mendaki)

Also in conjunction with the first anniversary celebrations, a workshop was organised for the Lead Agencies and e-Ambassadors to facilitate the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences. The workshop also provided a timely opportunity for the participants to develop a road map for the months ahead.

Ms Hu said, "We are pleased that the programme has made significant progress in the short span of one year. This is largely due to the dedication and passion of the pioneers and champions of the e-Ambassador programme."

She added, "We invite every Singaporean to take up the challenge of becoming an e-Ambassador and join in our mission to help everyone get connected."

e-Ambassadors have been deployed in a number of public events organised by IDA. Most recently, about 100 e-Ambassadors were deployed nation-wide to support the 110 events during the e-Celebrations Singapore campaign in March 2001. Another 50 e-Ambassadors participated as Cyber Hosts at the Assistive Technology Exhibition in April 2001, an inaugural event showcasing technology products and services to be used by people with disabilities.

For more information on the e-Ambassador programme, please visit the website at


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